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Physics: Cognitive Systems


The Cognitive Systems Lab has the following equipment available for investigating human sensory and cognitive processes:

  • Stationary 64-channel EEG system (ActiChamp, BrainProducts) with extensions for peripheral-physiological signals
  • Mobile 24-channel EEG system (Smarting, EasyCap)
  • Stationary eyetracker (Eyelink-1000, SR Research)
  • Active motion-tracking system (Optotrak, NDI)
  • Binaural sound pressure level meter (Brüel & Kjær)
  • Two electromagnetically shielded, double-wall sound booths (IAC)
  • Computer-based stimulation and measurement system for precise recording of behavioral (e.g. response times) and physiological data (e.g. EEG)

EEG caps on polystyrene heads sitting on a shelf   EEG electrodes on a towel   Two persons preparing an EEG measurement on a sitting person

Application of EEG electrodes to an EEG-cap   Application of contact gel to EEG electrodes   EEG-cap with electrodes

sound-attenuated room, interior with chair, desk and input devices   button pad, intercom and headphones on a table   Person looking at EEG data on a computer screen

Washbasin and chair   Person washing another person's hair in a washbasin

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