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Institut für Pädagogik


Poster at Tietz with the inscription: Give us your capital!We are much interested in maintaining contacts to our M.A. and B.A. of Education graduates. We understand maintaining such contacts as a kind of exchange from which both sides may benefit. This way, graduates may still participate in life and work at the Institute of Education (IoE) (lectures, events, calls for papers, research projects), at the same time we will be allowed to exemplarily tell our current students about the (actual) educational practice and professional biographies of our graduates.

Careers of graduates from the Institute

History of 150 students (sample) from 2019.

Alumni profiles

If possible, we try to pursue the further educational or professional careers of graduates and make their experiences and insights accessible to current and future students. One possibility of doing so are our alumni profiles. Enjoy reading them!
  • Profile Markus Bergelt (PDF) - currently Euro-Schulen at Hohnstein-Ernstthal (initially only available in German)
  • Profile Luise Maudanz (PDF) - currently Zentralstelle für die Weiterbildung im Handwerk (ZHW) (Central Institution of Further Education in the Crafts) (initially only available in German)

Making contact and receiving information by help of mailing lists

Our mailing lists provide you, at regular intervals, with the possibility of receiving important information about activities connected to the courses of the Institute of Education. For this you may subscribe to Mailing Lists for Graduates of B. A. Education as well as to Mailing Lists for Graduates of M.A. Education. We ask all former B.A. Education and M.A. Education students to make use of this possibility to make and maintain contact. (Please use e-mail addresses you still use even after your studies.)