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Institut für Pädagogik
Studying at the Institute

Studying at the Institute of Education

By its Bachelor Course Education (B.A. Education), the Institute of education of Technische Universität Chemnitz provides students with scientific skills and practical know-how in crucial fields of education. To be particularly emphasized is the balanced mixture of theoretical basic knowledge and practical consolidation in the course of studying.

After the completion of the Bachelor course, Master courses offer a consequent continuation of university education. Particularly in Chemnitz, the Institute of Education offers the Master Course Education (M.A. Education). This course is characterised by a basically educational-scientific education with a focus on culture, society and educational professionalism. Its modular and topical structure is frequently oriented both at research and practical work, to prepare graduates for demanding professional tasks.

Furthermore, the Institute of Education offers a number of modular and teaching offers for study courses at other institutes and faculties.

Reihung von drei Bildern die Studierende in der Gruppenarbeit zeigen