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Creative Corner

"Turning Pages: Creative Writing Journal at the TUC"

The Professorship of English Literatures is happy to announce the establishment of "Turning Pages" - the first creative writing magazine at TU Chemnitz of its kind that appears annually and seeks to unite original writing in English from students, staff and writers from all over the world. The Call for Submissions is now open.

Launch of Funky Little Journal

This year the festival also included the launch of the Funky Little journal – a creative writing journal that will publish local and international writers and artists in English on a yearly basis. The journal is edited by Tony Laue from UJEP and Prof. Dr. Cecile Sandten from Chemnitz University of Technology and published by the UJEP Faculty of Education.

The journal also included the three winners of this year’s Lipmann Prize which is awarded to the top three pieces of student writing or art from anywhere in Europe. Lipmann Prize winners:

1st prize:
Marina Ivanova – “A Sip of Sunshine” – Bulgaria

2nd Prize
Dominik Bohm – “Human” – Czech Republic

3rd Prize
Klára Míčkočková – “About Trees” – Czech Republic

Download Funky Little Journal

Master Seminar WS 2014/15: Poetry of the Metropolis

Poetry Slam
15 July 2015

Pia Janetz
Yayun Quian
Jan Schmiedel
Ellen Eilert
Alena Kirova
Kateryna Vlasenko

Bachelor Seminar SoSe 2016: Experimental Poetry and Creative Writing

Poetry Breakfast
14 July 2016

Christian Esche
Lisa Löffelbein
Jan Schmiedel