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Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics

Finance (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Start of studies: with the winter semester (recommended) or the summer semester
Entrance requirement: Bachelor degree in (Financial) Mathematics or Business Administration or equivalent degree.
Language: Be aware that classes in these programs might be taught either in German or English, depending on demand.
This study program is jointly offered with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.


There is an admission restriction for this degree program. Application is made online. The respective study program is called "Finance".
Applications can be sent in until shortly before the start of the semester, see also term deadlines.

Master study program Finance

The study program is divided into the following modules:
  1. The Adaption Module aims to expand the knowledge in mathematics respectively business administration individually (according to the finished Bachelor study program).
  2. The module Research Methods and Management conveys key competences (e.g. scientific work, moderation/presentation, group and project work, basics of interculteral cooperation and communication) and research and analysis methods (e.g. introduction in techniques and methods in the empiric sociological research econometric analysis, operations research).
  3. The specialization modules in the chosen field of study extend the financial and mathematical knowledge in breadth and depth. The following fields of study are available:
    • Mathematical Financial Economics and Risk Controling
    • Business Funding
    • Banking Management
    • Financial Market Law and Analysis, and Capital Market
    • Financial Marketing and Actuary and Insurance Business
    • Real Estate Financing
    In addition there are interdisciplinary specialization modules from the fields of law and computer science.
  4. By choosing a supplementary module (Public Business Law, Founding Management, Human Geography of Eastern Central Europe or Organisation, Personnel and Knowledge management) one can gain interdisciplinary knowledge.
  5. The Master Project includes a seminar and an internship in the are of a field of study as well as a business game or a case study according to choice.
  6. The study program is completed with the Master Thesis which is normally written in the 4th semester of the Master study program.

Master study program Finance

1. to 2. sem. Adaptation Module (26 LP)
1. to 3. sem. Specialization (54 LP)
(in three of the fields Business Funding, Banking Management, Real Estate Business, Insurance Business and Optimization, Stochastic of Financial Markets, Commercial and Financial Market Law, Individual specialization module)
3. sem. Master Project (10 LP)
4. sem. Master Thesis (30 LP)
For a detailed presentation, we refer to the webpage of the program of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
The Master study program Finance aims to train experts in the field of financial management who will work in nationally and transnationally active company in the region, as well as nationwide and thoughout Europe. Background of the current change in the banking, financial and insurance sector, and thus the change in the interrelated academic research and education, is the loss of significance of borders and the increase of knowledge in the field of mathematical algortihms and electronic information technology. In the course of this change, the demand of specialists has increased to bridge the cap between mathematics and business ecomonomics, e.g. risk management. Besides that, it became visible that we need to study complex, interconnected systems in total or b parts and to convey this insights to the students.
Graduates of academic study programs in the field of finance are required to have interdisciplinary knowledge especially in business administration, financial mathematics, statistics and possibly financial computer science. These demands are fulfilled by the Master study program Finance.
The study program offers a wide range of employments in the professional pratice, for example:
  • leading positions in the field of finance of small and medium-sized companies
  • mathematical modeling of products and strategies in the work of finance and insurance
  • mathematical risk analysis and assesment
  • specialised tasks in the field of finance in large-scale entreprise (controlling of investment, liquidity, funding)
  • staff activity in the field of strategy and controling in banks
  • specialised tasks in departments of banks (e.g. credit transaction)
  • actuary activity (assesment and rating of risks) in the insurance business
  • marketing and development of financial products for commercial banks
  • risk management in banks, insurance companies and non-bank companies
  • production- and marketing-oriented tasks in investment banking
  • asset allocation based on mathematical models of the financial market
  • tasks arising in asset management
  • development and assesment of complex derivates (financial engineering)
  • lecturer or qualified teacher in the field of financial economy
  • employee in national and international research centers

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