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Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Web Engineering
(Master of Science)


University degree, e.g.
Standard period of study: 4 terms
Course Language: English
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Starting of the course: usually winter term
Application: free admission
The procedure is strictly predefined and must be followed in all details!
Deadlines: All deadlines for applications are defined by Technische Universität Chemnitz.

Degree Programm flyer | .pdf
Program information | .pdf | barrier-free

Study and examination regulation

Information regarding application for admission to studies

The application is made online.


The Master degree program Web Engineering is completely taught in English. It provides a systematic and quantifiable approach to the design, construction and implementation of web-based solutions. It teaches not only the necessary knowledge on technologies for web-based and data-centered applications but also enables graduates to deal with fast-moving technology cycles in the sense of life-long-learning.




The main focus of the Master degree program in Web Engineering is based on the following subjects:
  • Current trends in web engineering
  • Cloud & web applications
  • Software service engineering
  • Databases
  • Model-driven software development
  • Analysis of software designs
  • Data protection
  • Parallel programing
  • Real-time-systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Next-generation-internet
  • Strategic IT-management



The successful completion of the master degree program Web Engineering allows the smooth transition into a doctoral program as well as working in challenging jobs in the sector of information and communication technology, e.g. data engineering, web engineering, software engineering, web & media branches.




Academic advisor
Portrait: Prof. Dr. Martin Gaedke
Prof. Dr. Martin Gaedke

Portrait: Dr. Frank Seifert
Dr. Frank Seifert

Consultation-hour: upon prior appointment!

Examination board

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