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Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Computer Science & Communication Studies
(Bachelor of Science)


Requirements: Usually general qualification for university entrance (Abitur); German Language Examination for University Entrance (DSH) or equivalent for applicants from abroad
Standard period of study : 6 terms
Course Language: German
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Starting of the course: usually winter term
Deadlines: All deadlines for applications are defined by Technische Universität Chemnitz.


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This interdisciplinary Bachelor degree program addresses to students who are interested in technical issues as well as communication scientific contents. They belong to very actual topics like new media, media communication, media production, social networks and social media. This sector is characterized by a very dynamic development which is economically promising on the one hand but also generating interesting fields for research and development on the other. In contrast to comparable other programs, this degree program not only aims at teaching additional qualifications to specialists on one field but has for objective to provide graduates with integral dual competencies on both subject areas.

Study Content

The study content within this degree program derives to a nearly equal extent from the subject areas computer science and communication science. It consists of the following six main modules:
  • Basics in computer science (i.a. algorithms, software engineering)
  • Systems and applications in computer science (i.a. computer graphics, computer networks)
  • Basics in communication science (i.a. media communication, empirical social research)
  • Practical applications in communication science (i.a. E-learning, film)
  • Methodology (i.a. mathematics, statistics)
  • In-depth research skills (i.a. internship, bachelor dissertation)v


Graduates with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills concerning technical as well as contextual aspects of new media, media communication, media production, social networks and social media are strongly requested by the labor market and can be employed in nearly every sector of the mentioned areas


Academic advisor
Portrait: Dr. Frank Seifert
Dr. Frank Seifert

Consultation-hour: upon prior appointment!

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