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Faculty of Computer Science
Exchange Program ICCS

Exchange Program

"ICCS — International Courses of Computer Science

Within the ICCS exchange program, students have the choice between a Tele- Lecture „Practice- Oriented Introduction to Computer Graphics“ and an International Research Internship.

In the following, you can get more information about the two learning modules:


Tele Lecture "Practice-Oriented Introduction to Computer Graphics" pdf - 1,97 MB

The Department of Computer Science offers a practice-oriented introduction to fundamental hardware and software methods and concepts as well as software tools in the field of computer graphics (CG) and virtual reality (VR).
  • LECTURE with practical exercises
  • SCHEDULE: Apr. 2014 - Sep. 2014
  • EXAM: Programming project, 3 credits

This course is part of the exchange program ICCS - International Courses of Computer Science.
The lecture provides a general overview of the knowledge domain of computer graphics as well as in-depth knowledge of the OpenGL graphics library.
The focuses of the lessons are:
  • Introduction to basic terms and concepts
  • Basic hardware architectures
  • Basic concepts of graphical standards and libraries
  • OpenGL rendering pipeline
  • In-depth OpenGL programming
  • Illumination techniques
  • Real time shadow computation
  • Animation techniques

The lectures will be offered as video releases which contain commented slides of the different topics. In addition, practical exercises are given as recommended homeworks. There, the programming of OpenGL is to be trained on simple examples.

Although the OpenGL basics are independent from platforms, the preferred programming framework to complete the exercises is MS Visual Studio C/C++ running under the Windows operating system.

Requested skills:
  • Basic programming skills
  • Experiences in language C/C++
Requested systems:
  • MS Visual Studio
  • 3D content creation suite (e.g. BLENDER)
  • Registration online
  • PC with videostreaming qualified internet connection required
  • Correspondence via webcam / video conferencing system
Participants get registration at Technische Universität Chemnitz with full online access to university library and computer network.

International Research Internship "Embedded Systems"

The traditional application field for embedded systems is the machinery and vehicle construction. As in Germany research and industry in this area is very active, numerous basic approaches, processes and know-how in the conception of embedded systems had to be developed in the past decades. The focus was and still is on the extension of the functionality and the simultaneous increase of operating safety and reliability.

The Faculty of Computer Science of Chemnitz University of Technology gives foreign students the opportunity to benefit from these experiences in the scope of a research internship lasting several months.

For the internship, the participants get a task from one of the various research and development projects in the field of embedded and self- organizing systems mainly comprising subjects such as

  • Concepts, technologies and applications for sensor and actuator networks
  • Concepts, technologies and applications for robotic systems
  • Reconfigurable and programmable hardware
  • Robust embedded systems
  • The design, simulation and verification of embedded systems

The intern should analyse the given problem and has to search for solutions and possibilities of realization including evaluation and implementation. Working in groups, especially with students of different countries of origin, is desirable for solving particularly complex tasks.

Various experimentation and demonstration platforms for implementations and tests are available:

  • Sensor net nodes (different systems based on ZigBee, Nanopan, Bluetooth, ...)
  • Sensor and actuator systems (RFID, touch displays, ...)
  • Robots (Festo Robotino, tentacle robot, ...)
  • Quadrocopters
  • Rapid prototyping systems (Xilinx ML310, Spartan, ...)

The main objective of the research internship is to convey first experiences in design concepts for embedded systems to the students in terms of a practice-relevant and complex task. In international groups, cooperative project work can be learnt beyond linguistic and cultural borders. At the same time, however, great importance is attached to the autonomous and self-responsible work of the students. An experienced tutor will accompany the students during their internship in order to coordinate the activities and provide support if needed.

All resources of the university such as the library and the computer equipment will be available to interns during their stay in Chemnitz.

Furthermore, flexible working times allow students to discover Chemnitz and its surroundings.



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