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Exchange Program "ICCS — International Courses of Computer Science"

Dear Students,

the Department of Computer Science at the Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) has started its new international exchange program "ICCS – International Courses of Computer Science" in winter term 2010/11. For the first time, present- day methods of e- learning like the „distributed learning“ are introduced in order to invite international students of computer science to participate in lectures and exercises of Chemnitz University of Technology without necessarily being obliged to come to Germany. This mode of knowledge transfer, however, shall make it easier for students to take up a Master’s Program at the Department of Computer Science at CUT.
Moreover, this new, innovative study program promotes the increasing international orientation and prominence of the department.

Within the ICCS exchange program, students have the choice between a Tele- Lecture "Practice- Oriented Introduction to Computer Graphics" and an International Research Internship.

If you wish to participate at the ICCS exchange program, you should have been studying computer science or a study path related to it at a university of your home country for at least three semesters. For participating at the tele- lecture, you are required to have basic programming skills and experiences in language C/C++. You should also have good English language skills to be able to follow the lectures held in English.

The registration will be done by the International Computer Science and Congress Center Saxony (IBS). You will forward for the purpose of registration to participate at the ICCS exchange program to pages of the IBS foundation.


       You are already registered?