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Professorship of Human Locomotion
Team "Sensorimotor Systems"

Team "Sensorimotor Systems"

The term "Sensorimotor Systems" incorporates the words sensory and motor systems. In humans, sensory systems are responsible for the registration of various external and internal stimuli. This is achieved by internal sensors. Subsequently, stimuli are transformed into electrical signals (action potentials) and transmitted to the brain. There, the action potentials are further processed. As a final response to sensory inputs, our body exhibits motor responses, which primarily enable autonomous movements. This is again achieved by action potentials transmitted from the brain towards the musculature allowing for controlled body posture and locomotion.

The team "Sensorimotor Systems" addresses human sensory systems with special emphasis on skin receptors (cutaneous mechanoreceptors) and receptors of deeper tissues (proprioception). This includes examining vibration and pressure sensitivity, including fundamental properties and influencing factors. Special focus is directed towards foot sensitivity. We also investigate the motor system, for example quasi-static and dynamic balance testing, reflex activity or fine motor coordination. Finally, the interaction between the above-mentioned sensory and motor systems including underlying mechanisms complete our team’s field of research. Our team has access to various measurement devices, such as quantitative sensory testing (e.g. vibration inducer), infrared thermal cameras, force platforms, accelerometers, electromyography (EMG), and instruments for examining fine motor skills and coordination (e.g. foot pedal).


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