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Professorship Materials and Reliablility of Microsystems
Zuverlässigkeit von Mikro- und Nanosystemen

Zuverlässigkeit von Mikro- und Nanosystemen

Responsibility:  Bernhard Wunderle, Prof. Dr.

This course is held in German language under the its original title 'Zuverlässigkeit von Mikro- und Nanosystemen'.

This course is related to the course Reliability of Micro and Nano Systems in Englisch language. However, both courses differ in their teaching content and workload.

All documents and latest information are available from the OPAL-course: Reliability of Micro and Nano Systems  (in Englisch language).

Offical course dates for this semester [de]

Currently no lectures!

General Information

  • Language: German
  • Participants: mandatory M_MS (module 1.3)
  • Types of teaching (LVS = contact hours)
    • Lecture: 3 contact hours in WS
    • Problem class: 1 conact hour in WS
  • : Written exam (90 min)
  • Credit points: 5
  • Workload: 150 AS


  • Knowledge and application of the fundamentals of reliability assessment of components and systems.
  • Knowledge and apllication of the current status of calculation methods and experiments.


  • Fundamentals of reliability evaluation
  • Reliability of micro and nano systems
  • Calculation methods and reliability evaluation of MEMS
  • Experimental reliability evaluation
  • Applications

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