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Professorship Materials and Reliablility of Microsystems
Werkstoffe der Mikrotechnik

Werkstoffe der Mikrotechnik

Responsibility:  Prof. Dr. Bernhard WunderleDr. Uwe Zschenderlein

This course is held in German language under the its original title 'Werkstoffe der Mikrotechnik'.

All documents and latest information are available from the OPAL-course: Werkstoffe der Mikrotechnik  (in German language).

Offical course dates for this semester [de]

Derzeit keine Lehrveranstaltung!

General Information

  • Language: German
  • Participants
    • mandatory: B_MMFE4 (module B_MM 5.2.4)
    • optional required: B_MMEW4 (module B_MM 5.1.6)
  • Types of teaching (LVS = contact hours)
    • Lecture: 2 LVS in SS
    • Lab class: 1 LVS in SS
  • Examiniation: oral exam


  • Knowledge of special materials for use in microtechnology and their properties
  • Understanding the fundamental mechanisms that relate micro structure and physical properties
  • Knowledge of changes in the material during processing and application
  • Ability to select materials for microelectronic application
  • Ability to process materials properly
  • Ability to recognize and solve material-relevant problems


  • Metallic structural materials
  • Materials for conductors, resistors and electrical contacts
  • Semi conductor materials
  • Materials for electrical insulaters and dieletrics
  • Magnetic materials
  • Monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous substrates, coating materials
  • Solders and adhesives, materials for electrically conductive micro joints
  • Materials for housings and enclosures
  • Resists and materials of the LIGA technology Transducer materials
  • Transducer materials
    • mechanical - electrical
    • thermal - electrical
    • magnetic - electrical
    • chemical - electrical

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