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Professorship Materials and Reliablility of Microsystems
Reliability of Micro and Nano Systems

Reliability of Micro and Nano Systems

Responsible:  Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wunderle

Official dates for the course in this semester

Nummer Name Zeit Raum Details
Reliability of micro and nano systems
Mittwoch (14-tägig, gerade KW)
Reliability of micro and nano systems
Mittwoch (14-tägig, ungerade KW)
Reliability of micro and nano systems
Donnerstag (Wöchentlich)
All documents as well as additional information are available from the course Reliability of Micro and Nano Systems in OPAL.

This is the english version of the german lecture Zuverlässigkeit von Mikro- und Nanosystemen[de]. Currently, both lectures have slightly different content.

General information

  • Language: English
  • Study groups:
    • mandatory: M_MN__1 (module 1.6)
    • optional required: M_MP__1, M_MP__3
  • Intensity:
    • Lecture: 3 contact hours at WS & 1 contact hour at SS
    • Tutorial / Problem class: 1 conact hour at WS & SS
  • Examination: Written Exam (90 min)


  • Fundamentals of reliability evaluation
  • Reliability of micro and nano systems
  • Fracture mechanics and crack groth concepts
  • Calculation methods and reliability evaluation of MEMS
  • Experimental reliability evaluation
  • Applications

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