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Professorship Circuit and System Design


The following applications were developed during research and project work (just some examples):

  • Demonstrator "Generalized Platform for Sensor data processing" (GPSV)
  • Framework for capturing sensor data and localization in wireless sensor networks (GPSV/TUC-CTB)
  • FPGA implementation of a particle filter for position estimation, completely compatible to the above named framework
  • flexible, FPGA based modular system
  • Impedance measurement system for reference measurement and as testing device
  • Demonstrators "Electronic Accelerator" and "Joystick/Robot Arm" for sensors in fiber composits
  • Demonstrator for the SFB379 (finished 12/2006) navigation system based on inertial data
  • Autonomous, mobile "ASIC-Robo" with Cool-Runner-CPLD and Xilinx-FPGA
  • Controlling of a six legs walking machine (Hexapod II)
  • Oscillation monitoring, vibro-acoustic examination of machine and instrument conditions
  • MPEG2 decoder backend
  • Graphic Controller Components

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