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Career Service
Career Service

Semester program

  • Some events require a minimum number of participants and may have to be cancelled if there are fewer registrations or many cancellations at short notice.
  • We reserve the right to make changes (e.g. course timings, speakers, venue) at any time. If you are already registered for an event, we will of course keep you informed by e-mail.
  • Are you a graduate and no longer have a TU Chemnitz login-id? Please register here to create an account and use it to register for our events. If you have any problems, just send us a short e-mail to: career-service@tu-chemnitz.de.
  • Since the planning of our semester programme involves a lot of work and costs (e.g. for guest speakers), we ask you to register bindingly and to cancel in advance if you cannot attend. This way, the valuable places can be filled with participants on the waiting list. This is the only way we can continue to offer you a wide range of events free of charge.
  • Our offers are free of charge for students, graduates and employees of Chemnitz University of Technology and our partner universities

Workshops: In addition to short workshops, we offer half-day as well as full-day workshops and even multi-day workshops. Workshops are interactive formats; therefore your cooperation is mandatory. You will discuss with other participants, work on problems or solve practical tasks. Workshops are conducted either by external trainers or by employees of the Career Service. A registration is necessary for workshops, as the number of participants is limited, but we need to reach a minimum number of participants for a successful workshop. If you are no longer able to attend after registration, please let us know in good time: We will then offer your seat to someone on the waiting list. If you would like a certificate of participation for a workshop, please send us a short e-mail after successful participation.

Lectures usually last between 60 and 90 minutes and have a “lecture character”, i.e. speakers talk about a specific topic and your questions are explicitly requested. If there is still no room for it (e. g. due to the limited time), you can talk to the speaker personally after the event. Sometimes it is necessary to register via our website (so we are able to send you an access link later or to inform you about short-term changes), but for most lectures the following applies: Come along if you find the topic interesting.

Excursions: Together with you, we visit different companies in the region and look behind the scenes. You will learn about the tasks, requirements and vacancies of the respective company. There will be a tour of the “holy halls” and you will be able to talk to employees. Your registration is also required for a smooth organisation of excursions. As with workshops, the number of participants is limited on the one hand, and on the other hand we must reach a minimum number of participants. Some companies demand a list of participants a few days prior. In addition, we arrange the meeting point and arrival with all registered participants in advance. If you are no longer able to attend after registration, please inform us in good time.

Career events: In this category you will find our larger events – especially company contact fairs or network meetings. Here you can talk directly to a variety of different company representatives and get information about requirements, application paths and possible fields of work in the respective companies or institutions.

On site: Meet our team on campus. We will be happy to answer your questions about our semester program, your professional opportunities or the application process.

External offers: In this category we usually list the events of third parties, i.e. other institutions or companies that cooperate with us.