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Semester Program Wintersemester 2016 / 2017

In the following overview you will find details on the respective workshops. Click on the title and an additional window will open where you can find all the necessary information about the workshop as well as the sign up button.

We recommend you to sign up for a maximum of 3 workshops.

Topics such as application procedure and communication are covered in several workshops, therefore content may be repeated to some extent. We therefore recommend reading the content of the workshop carefully and decide whether a participation in several workshops with similar content will be useful for you.


Certificate of Attendance
Depending on the scope and content of an event, you will receive a confirmation of participation or a certificate after successful completion.
Our certification standards can be found here.


Any changes (e.g. course times, trainers, venue, price) remain reserved.

If fewer than 10 applications are at hand, the workshop cannot be conducted..

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In order to enroll for the program a one-time registration with the Career Service Network is required.