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Destinations and Feedback

Previous Destinations and Feedback

This map shows all destinations of conference attendances and research visits funded under InProTUC. The destinations are sorted and coloured by faculty. Click on the pin for more information on each destination.

Top recommendations by former scholars:

  • Start early with planning your stay and inform yourself early about visa and entry requirements.
  • Booking flights and hotels as early as possible is necessary to safe costs.
  • It is important to overview all the topics of the conference and the submitted abstracts. One should plan in advance of the conference with which researchers one would like to get in contact. Think about one or two questions that can help you get in touch.
  • During the conference or research trip, try to make the best out of the given opportunity by contacting other academics, asking for opinions, establishing contacts, and achieving your academic goals.
  • It is important to visit several sections of relevance for your PhD project and not be too shy to ask questions and negotiate with other people during coffee breaks, lunch or dinner.
  • Learn some essential basics in the local language to be able to express yourself in case nobody speaks English.
  • If you have the chance, participate in as many social events as possible during the conference. These offer the invaluable opportunity to broaden your professional network and meet the “big names” in your field in a relaxed atmosphere.

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