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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

We offer a variety of Bachelor and Master degree programmes and allow for a number of interdisciplinary studies, of high relevance throughout in practice. As a characteristic feature the Faculty's Bachelor integrated study programme in Business Administration puts great emphasis on theoretical approaches and their application to real-world problems, both in business and the economy.

Therefore, a main and persistent objective in academics and research is to find analytical and empirical concepts with a clear orientation towards innovation and knowledge creation. In addition, a broad set of extracurricular trainings and activities including social and emotional intelligence as well as language skills is provided to complement practical skills. Furthermore, we are maintaining a widespread network of cooperation with well-reputed institutions in academics and research all over the world.

Our faculty is part of the United Nations-supported initiative for Responsible Management Education (PRME) with its six principles purpose, value, method, research, partnership and dialogue. PRME-Logo

The curriculum enables students to develop the skills they need to balance economic and sustainability requirements. In addition to the courses of the Chair of Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability the Chair of Management Accounting and Controlling, for example, offers selected modules concerning the controlling of sustainability measures such as "Life Cycle-oriented Management" and "Life Cycle Engineering".
Ecological efficiency is a topic that is dealt with in the courses offered by the Chair of Macroeconomics, for example in the course "Environmental and Resource Economics".

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