Department of Innovation Research and Technology Management

Chair for Innovation Research and Sustainable Resource Management

Since 2001, Innovation Research and Sustainable Resource Management are the core topics of our chair - the name is the agenda. The agenda itself is extended.

Our approach to Innovation Research assumes an expanded term of innovation building on Schumpeter; beyond product- and technology-based innovations, it also includes social, organizational, HR and cultural innovations, furthermore the opening up of new markets and sources of fresh capital, inter-company cooperation and - in general - business firms´ strategic planning and managerial ability to innovate in all these fields (innovative ability). 

Our research and teaching of Sustainable Resource Management on the one hand refers to the classic topic of ´green´ sustainability, i. e. contributions to the minimization of unintended consequences of managerial action, protection of resources, and efficiency of resource management. On the other hand, we deal with social and cultural sustainability, with the solution to - or in the first place - the handling of the trade-offs between for-profit strategies and the socio-cultural requirements nowaday´s companies are confronted with - be it triggered by self-interests or by stakeholder claims.

We connect both topics in a multifaceted way in our research on Business Strategies, or rather Strategic Management. Our chair works with a genuine evolutionary theory of the firm highlighting immaterial resources (social capital, knowledge capital, cultural capital) and reflexive procedures.

In research and teaching, the chair pursues an interdisciplinary approach connecting concepts from Business Administration with concepts developed in Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Engineering Science.

The ambition of the chair is the interlocking of theoretically based research and practical application - reflected in a multitude of practically oriented projects and publications, design approaches and software products.