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Contact cards

Contact cards for employees on the website

Note: To order printed business cards, please use the Printgenerator (only in the campus network). Printing is carried out by the Print Service of the TU Chemnitz.

With the vCard function presented here, contact data of employees of the TU Chemnitz can be displayed uniformly.

  • Query and output of contact data (name, e-mail, telephone, photo, etc.) as a contact card of an employee in the corporate design
  • The contact data is collected from the centrally maintained LDAP directory. If this data is not correct, it should be changed via the IdM portal. All set attributes can also be overwritten by the function.
  • The function makes contact cards responsive (readable from desktop to smartphone), as well as accessible.
  • Possibility to list absent or external employees


$this->vCard(string $userid [, array $values [, array $style]]);

Prints a contact card for the user of $userid


$userid Get data for this user from the LDAP directory and display it. If $userid is empty ('') only the data from array $values will be displayed.
$values An array of values that override or supplement the LDAP values. Should usually be omitted since the current values from the LDAP directory are displayed.
first name, surname
academic title ('titleprefix' option in the array $style to customize whether displayed before or after the name)
e-mail address
job description / department name / responsibility / other
phone number - external number complete with +country code: +49 371 …
personal website
room number (new room number) - no automatic link to campusfinder possible
postal address / building
path/filename of the photo file
additional data, e. g. office hours - also with HTML formatting, see third example
A photo (format JPEG, dimensions 128 x 180 pixels) is displayed if
  • the $value['photo'] is set, or
  • if a file userid.jpg exists in the same folder as the web page, or
  • if a staff photo has been created.
$style An array of values that affect the style of the contact card.
If the value is 0, no line will be displayed at the bottom of the contact card
Sets an identifier for the contact card that can be jumped to as an anchor (url.html#identifier).
If set to 0, the text details will not be indented if no employee photo is set.
If the value is 0, the academic title is displayed comma-separated after the name.

Please note: Employees who are on leave, for example, due to parental leave, do not have employee status for this time. This also applies if a request for continued use has been submitted. These employees will therefore not be listed during the period in question.