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University Computer Centre

Notes on the Design of the Page Content

General Information

  • Ensure correct spelling and comprehensibility.
  • Avoid garish colours, tickers, flashing fonts or animated images. Use the CSS formats that are specified by the corporate design.
  • Each page starts with a heading <h1> that describes the content. For further subdivisions, use <h2> to <h6> depending on the hierarchy depth. Also see Headline Design.
  • Scale images, especially photos, to the correct size and tag them with the class img-responsive. The space for the content is max. 827 pixels wide. Therefore please scale the images to a maximum width of 1000 pixels - mobile users will thank you!
  • The essential functions should also work without Javascript and must be accessible without Java or plug-ins.
  • Ensure HTML conformity and link consistency, e. g. with the help of the check tools of the TUCAL Webtools

The Technology: The Bootstrap Framework

The TUCAL authoring and layout system uses the framework Bootstrap (Version 3.x) to display web pages, adapted to the corporate design of the TU Chemnitz. Thus the entire range of functions of Bootstrap 3.x can be used, which is documented in detail.

Our special features and extensions for the corporate web design of the TU Chemnitz are explained in the menu items. If possible, please use these described elements on your pages.