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The „Leibniz University IT Services“ LUIS (formerly RRZN) at the University of Hanover has been publishing a whole series of manuals on current software products. Originally developed to guide their own users, these manuals are now distributed nationwide to all interested universities.

It must be remembered that the publications are based on cooperation between the universities of applied sciences and universities in the German-speaking countries. This self-help can only work in the long run if all UAS/universities (and thus also the TU Chemnitz) contribute their share by proofreading, contributing texts etc. Information about this can be found on the website of the LUIS. In order to continue to benefit from this cooperation, we ask all interested parties for cooperation: professors, lecturers, staff, students. Please contact Dr. André Meisel ( ).

If you want to stay up to date on LUIS manuals, sign up for this mailing list, which sends out a „newsletter“ for users of LUIS manuals directly from Hanover about once a month.


This link will take you to the University of Hanover registration form.

Be sure to use your university e-mail address! (not web.de, gmx.de, t-online.de) Because the information on the list is, just like the LUIS manuals, only for members of state universities.

Available for members of the TU Chemnitz