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Text and Data Mining

What does TDM mean?

The designation Text-and-Data-Mining includes different research methods by which large quantities of mostly unstructured data are at first processed in a systematic and machine-readable way and subsequently automatically examined by computer-aided analyses in order to find patterns, correlations or other research-relevant connections.

Any researcher can and may, under the condition of compliance with legal and copyright requirements, implement Text-and-Data-Mining-methods.

Since the amendment of the Copyright Act (UrhG) by the “Act on the Alignment of the Copyright Law to the Current Requirements of the Science Society (UrhWissG)” in 2018, this right is confirmed by law according to §60d UrhG.

  • The research purpose may exclusively serve at non-commercial objectives.
  • There has to be alegal access to the data used.
  • Their availability shall be based on a licensing agreement concluded with the copyright holder or on Open Access-publications.

The open access to contents according to Open Science facilitates the implementation of TDM. The clear management of rights based on standardized, machine-readable and open-content-compliant Creative-Commons-licenses contributes to the legally watertight application of TDM-methods on data and text corpora.

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