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Lost library materials

Lost library materials | Replacement

If a patron loses a book or the book gets damaged in any way, he has to pay damage fees (according to the User Regulation § 8 (4) and (5))

User Regulation §8 (4)

It is the patrons responsibility to point out any suspected existing damage to library staff at the time of check-out. Otherwise, it has to be assumed that the patron has received the material in an undamaged condition.

User Regulation §8 (5)

Patrons are responsible for the replacement of library materials that are lost or damaged. The library is authorised to request the complete restoration of the books previous condition or, alternatively, request the replacement of the book at the users expense. It is possible to replace the book with another, equivalent, item ; a reproduction of the book, or an appropriate amount of money (defined by the library) to replace the lost book and cover the expenses of the library.

According to the regulation for university fees and charges of January 10, 2011 (PDF-Annex 4) the user has to pay the replacement cost of 15€.

Materials, containing highlighting and other notes are also seen as damaged.

Before borrowing, make sure that books aren‘t damaged!