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Student Initiatives

Student initiatives are looking forward to meeting you

In addition to studying, numerous student initiatives offer the opportunity to get involved, to get together and to think outside the box. There is something for everyone.

Logo der Initiative

Student education mentoring of the AGIUA e. V. Chemnitz - (Project LESEZEICHEN)

We are the LESEZEICHEN project and initiate and support, among other things, school education mentorings between young migrants and volunteers. We are always looking for committed school education mentors who would like to support young migrants in questions of school education and thus contribute to a successful integration.

The AGIUA e. V. exists since 1990 and carries out migration social and youth work in various projects and areas. The school education sponsorships have been part of the association since June 2015 and of the LESEZEICHEN project since August 2017. We are currently supporting 15 student education sponsorships.

A brief summary of the most important information:

What is a pupil education mentoring?

  • Mentoring between voluntary school education sponsors and pupils with a migration background
  • School support and development of language skills
  • Mentors can participate in training courses and workshops
  • Regular invitations to free events and activities
  • Mentoring includes e.g:
    • Practical life support
    • Support for language acquisition
    • Common leisure activities
    • reading mentoring with children
    • Finding career prospects

Who can become a student mentor?

  • Anyone who is interested in getting involved, getting to know other people and has a basic intercultural openness.
  • Anyone who has time to invest about 90 minutes per week in a mentoring.

Goal of a mentoring

  • In the short term: contribute to equal opportunities in school education through individual support
  • In the long term: reducing prejudices, promoting a culture of tolerance, strengthening social cohesion

Since August 2017, we have been a cooperation partner of the Save me project of Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e. V. (Saxon Refugee Council). We always support each other in our work and hold events and workshops together with the mentoring tandems of the Saxon Refugee Council.

Become active now!

Support young migrants in their school education and - for a diverse, solidary city society in Chemnitz!

  • Contact: Julia Wagner & Mosa Al mtar, AGIUA e. V., Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 15-17, 09111 Chemnitz
  • e-mail: lesezeichen@...
  • Phone: 0371 6463 9975/ 0176 1912 8047
  • Webseite

Amnesty International is the world's largest human rights organisation with over 7 million members and supporters*. Since 1961, we have been fighting to enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are the voice of all those whose rights are trampled underfoot every day. Our group organises signature campaigns, film evenings, flash mobs and many other creative actions to bring human rights violations to light and hold those responsible to account. Whether it is women's rights, anti-racism, the fight against torture, the death penalty and arms exports, or working on behalf of political prisoners, there are many ways in which Amnesty International can work for a fairer world. So stop just watching, get involved! Together we can achieve great things!

Amnesty International Chemnitz Gruppe

You want to stand up for animal rights? And that together with others from your area? You need ideas for actions, materials (flyers, posters & Co.) and help with the organisation an action? In this group you will find a lot of like-minded people, answers to your questions and the help you need. Together we are strong for animal rights and everybody can contribute a lot.

Group on Facebook

Logo: Marx-Kopf mit roter Treppenlinie is a non-profit organisation with 6000 volunteer mentors distributed among 75 groups in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Its mission is to encourage ambitious pupils from non-academic households to take up studies at a university or university of applied sciences and to accompany them as a contact person during the transition phase between school and studies.

This is because 83 out of 100 children of academics in Germany decide to go on to higher education, while only 23 of children of non-academic origin do so, although twice as many achieve university entrance qualifications. Many decide not to study because they are afraid of the financial burden that this would entail. However, young people often lack information or the courage to embark on an academic career. The Chemnitz local group can look back on a long history within the local Technical University as a purely student initiative, which, however, was forced to dissolve in earlier semesters due to a lack of follow-on members.

The initiative now consists of eight committed members, most of whom are also first-time students and research assistants, some of whom already have a great deal of experience due to previous commitments in other local groups. We are constantly working to eliminate these problems and prevent fears. We as an initiative therefore already start with lectures during the school years of the young people, but we also support students. In addition to providing individual support in the form of mentoring, we primarily act as a contact point for the topics:

  • Choice of Study
  • Student financing
  • Scholarships
  • Career start
  • Internships
  • Engagement with

Pupils and students from Chemnitz and the surrounding area can obtain initial information here and make contact with mentors or like-minded people:

Logo der ARIWA-Ortsgruppe Chemnitz

We at ARIWA Chemnitz are one of over 30 local groups of the animal rights organisation Animal Rights Watch e. V. (ARIWA). We stand up for the rights of animals and provide information about the vegan way of life in the form of information stands, rallies, demonstrations, film screenings, campaigns, brunches, lectures etc. We also take up regional themes from Chemnitz and the surrounding area to bring about change.

The aim of the association Animal Rights Watch (ARIWA) is the abolition of all exploitation and oppression of animals. We demand respect for the lives of "others", whether they are animals classified as "farm animals", "pets", "wild animals" or humans.

No one should be considered or treated as inferior because of species, origin, sex, or other characteristics. For ARIWA, human rights are an integral part of animal rights. We advocate a vegan way of life as the most direct practical implementation of the animal rights concept, whereby we understand "vegan" as the ideal of avoiding the exploitation of animals - including humans - as well as the environment through one's own (consumer) behaviour.

Everyone who can identify with our abolitionist and emancipatory goals is invited to become active with us. Persons and groups with sexist, homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, or otherwise discriminatory backgrounds are not welcome in the association either directly or as participants in actions and events.

Once a month there is an open meeting for everyone who is interested in us and our work. The meeting is always on the first or second Sunday of each month. Further information is available by e-mail. Newsletter available. Further information about ARIWA:

We are an association of people with the idea of enriching Chemnitz with self-organised socio-cultural events. We are committed to the creation and preservation of open spaces and an open exchange of opinions, which are important components of a sustainable and socially acceptable urban development. Together we want to realise our utopia on a small and everyday scale

Blog des bonobo e. V.

Mission: Career orientation for humanities-, cultur and social scientist. (mainly on Chemnitz university of technology but also beyond)

Broterwerb bei Facebook

Environmental protection and nature conservation also play a role in Saxony's third largest city! The BUND group Chemnitz is active in and around Chemnitz for conservation of nature and environment. The group meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5 pm in the BUND office.BUNDjugend Chemnitz bei Facebook

Since 2005, the CHEMNITZER SPIELENACHT has been held once a year in the large canteen of Chemnitz University of Technology. Hundreds of board and card games are available from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. free of charge. More than 1,000 students and employees of the university as well as other gaming enthusiasts of Chemnitz use the opportunity to rediscover classics and try out new products in a convivial atmosphere.

An honorary team of current and former TU members organises the game night under the patronage of the StuRa with the support of all student bodies, the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau, the University Computer Centre, the German Games Museum Chemnitz and numerous game publishers.


CSN-Logo Nowadays, an internet connection is part of every student's basic equipment. Originally founded as an initiative in which students can connect their computers to the campus network of TU Chemnitz, Chemnitz Student Network (CSN) is the second oldest student network in Germany since 1994 and nowadays it provides services to about 2000 users. The network, which is operated exclusively by volunteers, enables a cost-effective and modern connection to the campus network. Due to the close connection to the university, all services offered by University Computer Center (URZ) can also be used within CSN. How can you use the advantages of CSN? It's very simple: If you live in one of the dormitories of the Studentenwerk, the fee for CSN is already included in your rent! All you need is a valid URZ login name and a PC with a network connection and a suitable cable. Afterwards, register on our website with your data using the registration form and you will have access to CSN within a short period of time. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our contact persons of your dorm. Where they live can also be found on CSN webite.

Do you want to actively participate in CSN using your skills or do you want to learn something new? Then just drop by on Tuesdays during our virtual office hours from 19:30 until 22:00 pm. Normally you can find us in our office on Vettersstraße 72 in room 034! Of course, we are also available by mail: helpdesk@...

The university orchestra "Collegium musicum der TU Chemnitz e. V." celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2019. Founded in 1964 as a small music-making association of five employees of the Technical University, it quickly grew into a university orchestra and has since then performed regularly at university events such as enrollment and graduation ceremonies, honorary doctorates and other festivities as well as in its own concerts in Chemnitz and the surrounding area. Students, teachers, and employees of the TU Chemnitz, but also many other hobby musicians of different professions and ages play together in the orchestra. They are all united by their love of music and the joy of playing in an orchestra together. Thus, the "Collegium musicum" offers the perfect setting to get in touch with as many different people from Chemnitz and the region as possible.

The "Collegium musicum" has taken part in European orchestra meetings several times (e.g. in Solothurn, Leiden, Lyon, Cremona, and Bergen). Further journeys took it - also with choral symphonic repertoire - to Paris, Sorrento, Stockholm and even to Japan. Since 2010 the University Orchestra has been organised as a non-profit association. At present, the orchestra's work is again mainly focused on symphonic orchestral literature. The rehearsals take place on Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 9.15pm. The current rehearsal location can be found online in the schedule. Any experienced hobby musician who loves classical music and orchestral playing is welcome to join us. We are especially looking for another oboist as well as strings and brass players. More information about rehearsals, concerts and our history can be found on our homepage and on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). We are looking forward to new players, but also to interested listeners!

Logo: Marx-Kopf mit Regenbogen-Strickmütze

We are an association for homo-, a-, bisexual (-romantic), trans*-, intersexual and/or queer living people and for their relatives and all interested people. We see ourselves as companions and support on the way to more self-determination.

Our goals are:

To promote acceptance of the many different realities of life, to educate, support, encourage and accompany, to offer a shelter and a basis of trust, to raise awareness and anti-discrimination

We offer:

  • open meeting, actions, various events, theme nights, excursions
  • groups:
    • Trans*People - for transiting people (every Tuesday from 16h)
    • CROSS&QUEER - for cross dressers (every first Friday)
    • U25 - youth club (once a month - see homepage)
    • Evening for relatives
    • Men*group (once a month - see homepage)
    • Women*group (once a month - see homepage)
    • U12 children meeting (approx. 1x per month - see homepage)
  • Advice and support for all (see homepage)
  • Educational workshops on the topic for different target groups in the entire Chemnitz management district

We are looking for:

People who support us in the context of a voluntary commitment - e.g. as acceptance mediators in educational projects, in the design of actions or in the development of new ideas and their implementation. An internship is also possible. No matter how you l(o)ive, you are always welcome to join us.

Do you have:

a request or questions on the topic? Or would you like to write a paper and need support? Are you interested in working with us and/or would like to show us new information? Would you like to invite us to hold a workshop? Or would you like to meet great people? Then get in touch with us, we are looking forward to it.

  • where: Hauboldstraße 10, 09111 Chemnitz
  • phone: 0371 50094
  • Email:
  • Web:

JYouth organisation of the German Trade Union Confederation that looks after the interests of young people in connection with training, internships, and jobs.

Kontakt zur DGB-Hochschulgruppe Chemnitz

Die LISTE - List for Grassroots Democratic Initiative, Studies, Animal Breeding and Elite Promotion

Die Liste bei Facebook

FEMermaid is a queerfeminist collective.

FEMermaid bei Facebook

Initiative that works against food waste and "saves" unwanted and overproduced food in private households and by small and large businesses.

foodsharing Chemnitz bei Facebook

Logo Fortis Saxonia

A warm welcome, dear first semester students!

We are Fortis Saxonia! With concentrated power and untiring drive, we develop energy-saving vehicles powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. In the last 15 years, students of various disciplines have already developed seven different vehicles in our association. Now it is up to you to turn your ideas and visions for the future of our mobility into reality.

Fortis Saxonia offers a platform to get in touch with medium-sized companies and large corporations, to get to know potential employers personally and to further educate yourself in an interdisciplinary way. Our projects work like small companies. We must plan, design and construct them and then implement them. They also must be financed. For you, this is an excellent opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary way.

Our big goal is to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon. The aim is to use as little fuel as possible, in our case hydrogen, on a specified route in a limited time.

You can play an active role in various areas:

In the chassis team, it is all about the design, calculations and simulations, as well as the production of the mechanical parts, and finally the vehicle.

The drive team deals with the complete electrical system of the vehicle. Especially important is the drive train, i.e. the fuel cell, as well as the engine and engine controller. Furthermore, the vehicles need lights and a display to visualise all important information.

The presentation of our work and successes to the outside world is the task of the PR team. Besides the active contact to our partners, newsletters and portfolios are created. The club website and social media profiles are also maintained.

Ultimately, it is always a question of the financial means for the implementation of our diverse projects. Finances are planned, tax returns are prepared and contracts with partners and sponsors are concluded.

You see yourself in one of these tasks? Do you want to implement your ideas or are you just looking for a balance between theoretical studies and practical work? Visit us at our Meet the team event on 27.10.2020 and get to know us! You can find further information on our Social Media Profiles!

Homepage Fortis Saxonia

The GEW Association of Higher Education and Research Chemnitz is one of three district associations of the higher education and research sector of the Education and Science Union (GEW) Saxony.

GEW-Verband Hochschule und Forschung Chemnitz

Meeting place for Chemnitz GO friends – 14-days in the Japanese restaurant Osaka. Events will be published in the calendar. New players are always welcome.

GO Club bei Facebook

Political initiative at Chemnitz University of Technology.

Webseite der Hochschulgruppe

The student initiative Ictus Academicus is recruited from students at TU Chemnitz, HS Mittweida and WH Zwickau who are intensively involved in the sport of golf.


„Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the world's largest professional association of technical professionals. Its objectives are the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines. We are one of 14 student branches alone in Germany. As IEEE student branch we organise various events to promote exchange between students, and representatives of research and industry.“

IEEE Student Branch

student management consultancy at the TU Chemnitz

Webseite des Vereins

Federalist. Non-party. European.
We are the Young European Federalists in Saxony.
We are represented in Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz.

Facebookseite der JEF Sachsen
Logo der Hochschulgruppe

Dear first semester students,

Welcome to the TU Chemnitz. We, the Juso University Group, are delighted that you are studying in the hopefully European Capital of Culture 2025. So that you know who we are, here is a little profile:


  • Name: Juso University Group Chemnitz
  • Nickname: JHG-Chemnitz
  • Contact person: Gregor Neumann
  • Age: 8 months or 2 years (depends on the point of view)
  • Number of members: More once you have joined
  • Our motto: Study as you like!
  • Our favourite song: The International
  • Our favourite bar: Balboa
  • Our best friend: The StuRa
  • Something we do not like: The AfD and all other Nazis
  • How we are:
    • Feminist
    • Socialist
    • Internationalist
  • What we want:
    • More co-determination
    • More flexible studies
    • Critical and digital teaching
    • Fewer exams
    • More learning places
    • More Bafög for more students
  • Our hobbies:
    • Higher education policy
    • Discussions and debates
    • Educational work
  • Our contact details:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Telegram group
    • Mail:
  • Our next meeting: Digital bar evening on Friday from 19 o'clock on

Kulturcampus is a student initiative which aims to promote intercultural learning, mutual tolerance, and respect, to draw attention to stereotypes and racism and to fight all other forms of discrimination. In addition to weekly meetings we offer intercultural training for in- and outgoing students as well as theme nights.


The Lauf-KulTour e.V. is the organiser of the project of the same name "Lauf-KulTour", the longest relay race in the world. In this context we offer a regular running meeting for our members and go to competitions together. Furthermore, we are the organisers of the Chemnitz Marathon, Saxony's largest charity run, the Fichtelberg relay and the Dogeballe tournament in the canteen of the Studentenwerk Chemnitz Zwickau.

Webseite der Lauf-KulTour

Would you like more practice in your studies?

Then we can help you.

We at MTP - Marketing between theory and practice - e. V., the largest marketing initiative in Germany, offer you the perfect complement to your studies. We bring you together with companies and give you the chance to work on exciting projects. You will also benefit from our large network. Together with more than 3,700 students at 19 different locations throughout Germany, you can grow beyond your limits.

We are your opportunity to get to know companies, improve your soft skills and become part of a cool team. With us you will learn what it means to work practically in the field of marketing and get the opportunity to develop your skills in numerous trainings and workshops and to meet students from different places and fields of study.

Due to Corona it is currently still uncertain whether we can meet for our weekly plenary sessions on campus, but at MTP we have the possibility to share all events digitally with you via the Microsoft application "Teams". So, you can participate in our plenums, lectures and workshops from the comfort of your couch.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to exchange ideas with other members, to make friends or to get tips about the university from members of higher semesters at the after plenary after the official plenary sessions, at changing activities in the form of game evenings, bar visits and much more.

Are you curious? - Then come and visit one of our weekly plenary sessions or after plenaries and get to know our club better. Furthermore, you are cordially invited to our info plenary on 14.10.2020 to get a first impression of us, get rid of your questions and have a great time together with us.

You can find more information and the possibility to contact us on our website, on Facebook or at Instagram.

We are looking forward to your message.

Logo Referat NATUC

NATUC - Department of Ecology and Sustainability at TU Chemnitz

We are the Department of Ecology and Sustainability of the Student Council of Chemnitz University of Technology, NATUC for short. We are students of various disciplines and deal with topics concerning the environment and sustainability.

Together with other actors at Chemnitz University of Technology we try to bring sustainability, climate protection and environmental awareness more into the focus of Chemnitz University of Technology and all its members.

To this end, we organise, for example, lectures, cooking evenings, dress exchange parties, small workshops, or theme weeks. In addition, we also promote a wide range of vegan/vegetarian and climate-friendly offers in the cafeteria, for example.

Our goal is always to make sustainability, environmental awareness, and protection as well as resource-saving living and working present in the consciousness of the students and employees of the TU Chemnitz.

So, if you:

  • have ideas on how to make TU Chemnitz more sustainable
  • would like to implement these ideas,
  • are interested in sustainable topics,
  • want to get involved alongside your studies,
  • would like to exchange ideas with other students about Sustainability&Co,

then please feel free to come and visit us. At the moment we have no fixed meeting date or room.

So pleas contact us via 

On Facebook and Instagram you can also find more information about our work so far.

We would be happy to hear from you soon.


We are a student initiative of TU Chemnitz. Our goal is to bring players together and organise cool events. If you always wanted to tell your teammates how divine they play, do it at our events.

Net'z Meet bei Facebook

The Student Buddy Program is part of the International Office of Chemnitz University of Technologyand an initiative of students for students. The Buddy Program is organized by student assistants who are supported by student volunteers (“Buddies”).

The Buddy Program matches TU Chemnitz-experienced students with new international students. The “buddies” support international students before and duringtheir stay but especially during their first days in Germany;e.g.helping with authorities, answering questions in general or introducing students to new surroundings.

In addition, the Buddy Program regularly organizes various types of events. An orientation week for international students is offered at the beginning of the semester.

On the agenda are …

  • useful lectures on living and studying in Chemnitz,
  • library tours with tips on searching for literature,
  • a digital Q&A session with the employeesofthe International Office,
  • campus tours for better orientation on the university grounds,
  • a city tour to visit the sights in Chemnitz,
  • and a welcome get-together.

During the semester, numerous excursionstake place in and beyond the Saxon border: city trips, castle tours and other day trips are intended to help internationalstudents get to know the beautiful surroundings. There are also great eventslike cultural nights, get-togethers, parties and much more.

or this, the support of numerous TU Chemnitz-experienced students is always needed, because the goal is that every international student gets a buddy.There are alsoadvantages for the buddies: You can get in contact with international students, improve your linguistic and intercultural competence,and join our events. Most of the time, new friendships develop without much effort. If you engage actively, youwill also receive a certificate of participation.

More information and the registration form is available at the website.


RABBAZ is a platform for young writers and artists where they can express themselves freely - free from hate and agitation. Bringing together young and creative people in Chemnitz and offering a platform for exchange, that is the idea behind the independent student magazine. It reports about university-, city-, and cultural life in Chemnitz, but also about politics, science and everything that moves young people in Chemnitz.


Der Radio UNiCC e. V.

is a student initiative with the aim of offering students and Chemnitz residents an alternative radio station. Under the motto "einzig, not artig ..." we have been broadcasting for 19 years now! In the past years, the UNiCCs have made it from the cafeteria sound system to CSN and Internet stream to the frequency: Since September 2004, Radio UNiCC has not only been broadcasting a multi-layered Internet programme, but also one hour daily from 6 pm on the Chemnitz frequency 102.7 MHz - and that all year round!

Making radio is fun and exciting because you can still make a difference here. New ideas are always welcome at UNiCC. It is like everywhere else: there is also work and commitment behind it, because this is the only way to keep the station running and to keep bringing new ideas. New - that is you, for example! We are always looking for people who are interested in working in our association and want to try their hand at it, and also want to take a look behind the scenes, beyond the horizon and into other bowls. Nowhere else will you be able to gain so much practical experience in radio journalism alongside your studies - and in a dynamic and versatile environment that is as colourful as our programme.


We offer challenging and varied tasks in the areas of editing, moderation, programming, marketing, social media, and technology. Become a contribution producer, presenter, or news anchor. Conduct interviews, go to events and concerts. Work behind the scenes, for example, working with music publishers and creating playlists. Marketing is all about advertising, social media, event organisation and sponsoring. The tasks of the technical department include the maintenance of server and studio technology as well as streaming and programming. Of course, it is also possible to create your own programme under your direction and according to your ideas! Radio UNiCC is on the Internet every Monday to Friday from 7am to 11pm hrs and, of course, also on weekends with one-hour FM at 6pm. The radio broadcasts from the so-called Kompass-Bau, which is also home to the Club der Kulturen. So just listen in or come by.


You are the future! Utilise opportunities together!

That's what we want to put into practice at ROCK YOUR LIFE! Chemnitz in cooperation with students, pupils and companies. Our aim is to give pupils of secondary schools one more opportunity to grow beyond themselves and create perspectives for their future besides family and school.

This is done by implementing a one-year mentoring relationship in the last year of school before graduation.

One pupil. One student. One on one. Quite simple, yet very effective!The relationship is supposed to give the pupil a guide for their future job and life. But you can also benefit from the relationship. You can take responsibility, gain hands-on experience, establish links with companies and acquire skills in dealing with young people in professionally developed trainings. And most importantly: YOU can sustainably enrich the life of a young person!

Have a look:


The Chemnitz Stock Exchange Association has set itself the task, among other things, of bringing the subject of the stock exchange closer to people. Thus, we organise lectures and workshops and plan excursions to companies from the economy or to trading centres. Furthermore, regulars' tables are held at varying intervals, where people can exchange news about the stock exchange, trading, and business in a relaxed atmosphere. Membership offers an ideal opportunity to advance one's personal development by becoming regularly involved in the association. This makes it easy to build up a broad network of personal contacts.

Webseite des Vereins

Culture café, event area, open space, cultural platform

bei Facebook

The TU Big Band is mainly made up of students, research assistants and graduates of the TU Chemnitz as well as jazz-enthusiastic musicians from Chemnitz schools and companies - they all share a passion for making music together.


T.U.C. Racing Logo

TUC Racing is a student initiative that takes part in the world's largest student business and engineering competition - Formula Student. The aim is to develop, manufacture and market an electric formula racing car every season. In the meantime, we are also working on the installation of an autonomously driving system to be able to compete in another category, the "driverless". To master this project, we need your support.

The complete development of the racing car as well as the organisation of all support processes is carried out only by team members. This results in a wide range of tasks and opportunities to gain experience during your studies, no matter if you are a freshman, a master, a bachelor, or a diploma student. By starting Formula Student early, you learn new things quickly and can put the theory from your studies into practice. At the same time, you also develop your soft skills, such as teamwork and time management.

Our core competences:

  • Technical development and implementation of the entire vehicle: e.g. battery, chassis, engine, and cockpit
  • Software development for autonomous driving
  • Planning and implementation of events
  • Preparation of a business plan and a marketing strategy of our vehicle
  • Creation of images, videos, design templates or website content for our public relations work
  • and much more ...

Working in our team will make you stand out from other students, which is a significant advantage when applying for jobs. In addition, our network of sponsors offers the chance to make contacts in all areas of industry at an early stage. Even though we still work mostly in our home office, we meet regularly in online meetings and work in small groups under controlled conditions on our vehicle. With us you will find social contacts despite online lectures! Take the chance to work on an ingenious project and get to know us, for example at one of our information evenings on 20.10. and 21.10. from 6pm in the Club der Kulturen (CDK) or follow us on social media for more information!

We are Turmbau62, the student theatre group in Chemnitz. Founded by students of different faculties, we have been doing theatre together for several years at different places in the city.

Our previous productions have been as versatile as our group. From classical productions to self-written plays and post-dramatic projects, we have done everything so far. Since 2016 we also have an improvisational theatre group.

We are a free and open group and are always happy to meet people who want to get to know us, join or support us, whether they are old theatre hags or completely inexperienced but interested first-time participants. Our group lives from the ideas and energy of our members! Although most of our participants are enrolled at the TU Chemnitz, non-students are also welcome.

weitere Infos und Kontakt

Every child has the right to a childhood

We, the UNICEF University Group Chemnitz, firmly believe that every child in the world has the right to a childhood. Therefore we are engaged in voluntary work and are committed to the realisation and protection of children's rights. Would you also like to make the world a better place for children? Do you like planning actions, bringing people together and infecting them with your enthusiasm?

Part of an international organisation

We as a university group are in direct contact with UNICEF Germany and the Chemnitz working group, which gives us new ideas through campaigns and nationwide activities. UNICEF Germany offers workshops on various topics and a network of other committed people. In this way, we can achieve a lot together - e.g. getting more children to go to school, containing diseases and creating awareness that children are personalities with corresponding rights.

A wide range of activities

Our tasks lie especially in the information and donation work. We inform about the situation of disadvantaged children all over the world. For this purpose, we provide information stands, visit schools and exhibitions. With creative activities we collect donations - an important contribution because UNICEF is financed exclusively by voluntary donations. We meet regularly to plan our activities. Everyone decides for themselves how much time and energy they want to invest and in which activities they want to help.

Together with us

Follow us on social media or contact us by e-mail.

Are you in too? We are looking forward to getting to know you!

The University Choir of the Chemnitz University of Technology, which currently has 40 enthusiastic singing students and professionals, was founded in 1984 as a mixed academic university choir.


The VDE University Group Chemnitz has set itself the task of offering all engineering students at the TU Chemnitz an extensive programme away from the university. The aim is to deepen the technical content on the one hand and to increase social competence on the other.

Logo der Initiative

For us, club work is as much a part of studying as classmates and beer. Welcome to the Chemnitz University Group of the Association of German Industrial Engineers!

We have made it our business to offer all industrial engineers at Chemnitz University of Technology a first contact point for questions concerning their studies as well as an attractive and well-balanced supporting programme outside of everyday university life. With us you will find motivated Bachelor and Master students, contact to industrial engineers from all over Germany, space for your ideas and projects, workshops and contact to companies and the perfect mixture of fun and self-realisation!

Have you got the desire? Then come by and say hello! You can find our next meetings and dates on our website. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Would you like to do something else besides your studies?

Stand behind the bar, "play" CDs during your own music evening, organise events and get to know a lot of people? All right, it is all voluntary, so there's nothing to rake in. But club life is not only about work, but also about having fun together when there are no events. So, we would be happy about people who want to join our small club family with new ideas and commitment.

Just come by. We will be there during opening hours, but even else you're sure to meet one of us at the club.



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