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„Tremendous Push“ for Internationalization of Chemnitz University of Technology

Internationally experienced consultants determined extraordinary progress of Chemnitz University of Technology within its participation in the Re-Audit „Internationalization of Universities“ of the German Rectors‘ Conference

The internationalization of Chemnitz University of Technology has made a „tremendous push“ forwards, since the university had decided to participate in the Re-Audit “Internationalization of Universities” of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) in 2016. This conclusion was taken by Michael Gaebel, Head of the Higher Education Policy Unit of the European University Association and member of a team of overall four internationally experienced consultants, who were hosted by Chemnitz University of Technology for an on-site visit within the Re-Audit from 22. - 23.01.2020. To the team of consultants belonged also Prof. Dr. Petra Wend, former President of Queen Margaret University Edinburgh. By the HRK, they were accompanied by Dr. Judith Lohner, project speaker of HRK-Expertise Internationalization, as well as Marijke Wahlers, Head of the Department for International Affairs of the HRK.

„Among the overall 50 measures within 7 objectives which we had decided to carry out, 45 could be implemented completely and 5 in a modified manner within the three years passed. This is an outstanding result of the participation of Chemnitz University of Technology in the Re-Audit which makes us proud. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who have contributed to this for their excellent work and I am convinced that we will take along this push with us also within the future internationalization of our university”, Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl, Vice-President for Academic and International Affairs, also summed up positively the Re-Audit-process at Chemnitz University of Technology.

Indeed, the consultants were extremely impressed by the high individual engagement and the close institutional collaboration within the internationalization of Chemnitz University of Technology: Internationalization is not imposed from the higher level by the University Management but is really lived by the people involved, Prof. Wend quoted. Furthermore, it was positively stated that the objectives and measures defined within the Re-Audit were integrated in the University Development Plan of Chemnitz University of Technology and thus be sustainably anchored. In the context of implementation of individual measures, special emphasis was put particularly on the new “Visiting Scholar Program” as outstanding example for the enhancement of international visibility and networking by gaining excellent guest researchers from abroad. With regard to sustainability, the consultants also appreciated that the program will be carried on in the same way. Finally, also the Buddy Program of the International Office was especially lauded as “Good Practice” for the assistance of international students proven in an impressive way by the ranking as best buddy program world-wide within the “International Student Barometer” 2018/2019.  

Nonetheless, the consultants also defined tasks to do for Chemnitz University of Technology on its way towards future internationalization: Thus, it was recommended to the university to strengthen the international culture and the internationalization of the curricula as well as to intensify the cooperation with the City in the objective to further enhance the study and science location Chemnitz in order to turn it even more attractive for the “best heads” from all over the world.

The results of the Re-Audit will be summarized once again in an assessment report which, jointly with the award of the participation label, completes the Re-Audit-process at Chemnitz University of Technology.

(Author and Translation: Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht)

Mario Steinebach

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