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New "Visiting Scholar Program" launched at Chemnitz University of Technology

8 international guests from six countries were selected in the first round of funding

This year, Chemnitz University of Technology has created a new opportunity to strengthen its cooperative ties in international research: In the "Visiting Scholar Program", Chemnitz scientists and international partners are funded as they work in tandem. The Chemnitz professorships can invite experienced international researchers to spend time in Chemnitz to carry out joint research projects. In addition to comprehensive organizational support, they also receive financial support.

"We have set up the Visiting Scholar Program in order to attract renowned international researchers to Chemnitz and in this way promote international cooperation and contribute to the internationalization of research," said Chemnitz University of Technology President Prof. Dr. Gerd Strohmeier, explaining the program's objectives. He adds: "We are very pleased that in the first round of funding we will be able to support eight scientists from six countries who have proven themselves in their field.”

In the period from September 2019 to March 2020, the following tandems will receive funding:

  • Dr. Yuriy Azhniuk and Dr. Volodymyr Dzhagan from Ukraine with Prof. Dr. Dietrich Zahn, Professorship of Semiconductor Physics;
  • Dr. Marta Kolczynska from Poland with Prof. Dr. Stefan Garsztecki, Professorship of Cultural/Area Studies of Central & Eastern Europe;
  • Prof. Dr. Eric May from Australia with Prof. Dr. Markus Richter, Professorship of Technical Thermodynamics;
  • Dr. Souhir Neifar from Tunisia with Prof. Dr. Silke Hüsing, Professorship Business Taxation and Auditing;
  • Dr. Anton Nikiforov from the Russian Federation with Prof. Dr. Lothar Kroll, Professorship of Lightweight Structures / Polymer Technology;
  • Prof. Dr. Evgeniya Sheremet also from the Russian Federation with Prof. Dr. Olfa Kanoun, Professorship of Electrical Measurements and Sensor Technology and
  • Prof. Dr. Bertus van Rooy from South Africa with Prof. Dr. Josef Schmied, Professorship of English Language & Linguistics.

"In addition to the financial support, the Visiting Scholar Program is distinguished above all by its comprehensive one-stop service for guests," says Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl, Vice-President for Academic and International Affairs, explaining the special nature of the new program. Eibl adds: "Thanks to close cooperation within our university and with the Chemnitz Immigration Office, we were able to establish a new support process and thus better structure the preparation for guests.”

Application for second funding round is open

Funding for the "Visiting Scholar Program" is based on the semester calendar of TU Chemnitz. The application phase for Summer 2020 is currently underway.

Tandems consisting of a Chemnitz and an international scientist are eligible for funding. They should already have years of successful cooperation together, and want to work together on a particular research project in Chemnitz. The "Visiting Scholar Program" supports stays of between three and six months. The financial support includes a monthly expense allowance and travel expenses to Chemnitz.

For the application, the tandems submit application forms for visiting scholars and host professorships. The Visiting Scholars also enclose their curriculum vitae, publication list, doctoral certificate and proof of their home institution as attachments.

Applications can still be sent to until 8 December 2019. The University Management will then make their final decisions.

For further information about the Visiting Scholar Program, please contact Annett Müller from the International Office. Phone +49 (0)371/531-37922, E-mail:

(Author: Annett Müller / Translation Jeffrey Karnitz)

Matthias Fejes

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