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Let’s talk about Teaching

The 250th post in the “Campus TUschler” blog of the university ambassadors was published

In the 250th blog post of the “Campus TUschler”, university ambassador Julia Pfeiffer reports on her understanding of good teaching practices and her personal experience in a Russian language course that she participated in during her studies towards a bachelor’s degree in European/Cultural Studies.

This is the first time that in cooperation with the joint project “Lehrpraxis im Transfer plus (LiT+)” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) good teaching is the main focus. Students as well as lecturers get a chance to speak on their thoughts about good teaching practices. While the university ambassadors report on their views about good teaching and their favorite lectures in their study programs, the respective lecturers provide their view additionally every three month in the LiT+ newsletter under the rubric “Gute Lehre an der TU Chemnitz” and provide insights into their teaching methods. The current newsletter is available online from:

Motivation and creativity in teaching

“For me, good teaching is that a lecturer not only theoretically imparts his knowledge to the students but also his ability to motivate them with his own enthusiasm about the topic”, explains Julia Pfeiffer. Her teacher Nataliya Bakman not only structured the Russian language course around diverse activities but also put emphasis on an exam-orientation. “The featured topics were designed to be as exciting and diverse as possible, including the use of various media such as movies, pictures or even the adaption to the current season”, says Julia Pfeiffer.

Background information

The blog “Campus TUschler” is, aside from being the mouthpiece for students of the Chemnitz University of Technology, primarily an information platform for pupils, prospective students, students, employees and many more. University ambassadors from different university departments regularly report on the University, their studies, as well as their life on campus and in Chemnitz. Every blog post provides an authentic view on their personal experiences during their studies.

The “Campus TUschler” blog – meaning the Campus Whisperer –went online at the end of 2014. It is coordinated by the BMBF project “Individuelle Übergänge ergründen, beraten und gestalten (TU4U)”. Currently, over twenty university ambassadors report on the blog, including students from Bulgaria, China, India and Syria. Anyone interested in becoming a part of the university ambassador team is cordially invited to do so. Contact data: email or via online form

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