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Tea, Dishes and Calligraphy

Chinese exchange students introduce their culture and university in a creative way

On January 25th , the Chinese Evening was held at "Club der Kulturen". It was organized and held by three Chinese exchange students from Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU). More than 40 University-teachers and -students from all over the world participated in this event.

There were three parts for this Chinese Evening: In the first part, all the participants tried some traditional Chinese food prepared by the organizers. The Chinese dish was popular among the participants and they were interested in learning to do it by themselves. After tasting the traditional Chinese food, they experienced three Chinese cultural activities. Some of the participants chose to watch the tea ceremony and tried to do it by themselves. Some of the participants learned how to make dumplings from the Chinese exchange students. After making the dumplings by themselves, they cooked and shared them with other participants. Chinese calligraphy was the most popular one among the three cultural events. Almost all participants tried to write their names in Chinese characters and kept the characters written by the calligraphy master as a gift. The first part lasted about one hour.

Before the start of the second part, a German student and a Chinese student did a performance of Wing Chun together. Then the Chinese exchange students taught the participants to do a simple version of Tai Ji. It seemed that they were really interested in Chinese Kung Fu because the two performances were warmly welcomed by the participants.

In the second part of the Chinese Evening, there was a Q&A contest. During this game, five short clips were played to introduce the Chinese culture, the SYSU and the life of foreign students in Chinese universities. Winners of the contest got rice crackers - a special Chinese snack - as a gift.

The last part was party time where all the participants communicated with each other and asked questions to the three exchanged students about China and the SYSU.

The aim of the event was to promote the exchange program from Chemnitz University of Technology to SYSU and to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated all over China this week. This Chinese Evening fulfilled its goal and was a lot of fun for all the participants.

(Author: Mao Cheng)

Matthias Fejes

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