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Clemens Bombach, doctoral candidate at the Professorship of Analysis, received a special prize for his scientific presentation from the Student Conference of the German Mathematical Society

Mathematics is a scientific field with many charms. For Clemens Bombach, the numerous links between subfields such as analysis, geometry and algebra are especially interesting. On the other hand, the doctoral candidate says that his fascination stems from the fact “that one can always come upon surprises that are unexpected in a field of science that is so strictly based on logic”.

This past July, Bombach was not only able to demonstrate his professional abilities, but also was able to prove his presentation skills. At this year’s Student Conference of the German Mathematical Society held on July 19 and 20, 2016 in Berlin, the doctoral candidate received recognition for his presentation about his Diplom thesis. With his topic “Applications of form methods in operator theory”, he was able to win over the jury made up of doctoral candidates from the Berlin Mathematical School. “My work is focused on form methods. Concrete mathematical questions in the field of partial differential equations are investigated by putting them in an abstract setting. Then the problems that are resistant to a direct approach can be elegantly solved. In my presentation, I presented the results of one article in which these form methods were generalized and my own results on this topic which I obtained in my Diplom thesis,” explains Clemens Bombach about his complex research subject matter. The jury based their decision primarily on the quality of his presentation. “I noticed that in all of the other presentations that also received the main prize, the basic thoughts behind the work could be understood really well,” adds Bombach.

As one of eleven main prize winners, Clemens Bombach will receive the opportunity to spend a week conducting research at the prestigious Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO, Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics). He will also be allowed to participate in one course of his choice, such as a workshop, seminar or working group. “What makes this opportunity special is that participation in these workshops is usually only possible if you have received an invitation from the Director of the Institute. Oberwolfach is highly regarded internationally, around 70% of the researchers participating in workshops there are from abroad. Therefore, I see it as a special honor to be allowed to conduct research at this institute,” explains the mathematician. Bombach can’t yet say when he will travel to Oberwolfach: “I still need to decide which workshop I want to visit. But it is clear that it will definitely be in the field of analysis/partial differential equations.”

(Author: Lars Meese, Translation: Sarah Wilson)

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