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One Study Program, Two Languages, Two Countries

New German-Polish Master program grants students a bilingual and transcultural education in Chemnitz and Wroclaw

In the 2015/16 winter semester, the bilingual dual-degree Master program will begin at the Institute for European History at the Technische Universität Chemnitz. It is supported jointly by the TU Chemnitz and the Uniwersytet Wroclawski in Breslau and allows students to acquire the “Master of Arts” in European History at the TU Chemnitz and the “Magister Nauk Humanistycznych” in History at the Uniwersytet Wroclawski. This degree programme is unique in Germany and is a contribution to the networking and integration of Europe, as it introduces students to a transnational scientific education as well as allows glimpses into the language, culture, and regional studies of the neighbouring country.

Students complete the first semester at their home university in Chemnitz or Breslau, then continue the second through fourth semester of their education at the partner university. The students’ final thesis project can be written at their home or partner university in German or Polish. In order to be able to succeed in lectures and academic performance, predominantly offered in the native language of each country, language proficiency in German or Polish, respectively, is required at a level of B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The bilingual and transcultural education prepares graduates as well as possible for an occupation with international projects, German-Polish foundations or European administrations as well as in the field of language and cultural exchange. Furthermore, the opportunity exists for the humanities scholars to apply their knowledge in museums, exhibitions, archives, educational institutions as well as print and tele media in both countries.

Interested students at the TU Chemnitz should contact Prof. Dr. Rudolf Boch and Dr. Yaman Kouli from the Institute for European History at the Faculty of Humanities. You can find further information about content and organisation under

(Translation: Sarah Wilson)

Mario Steinebach

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