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German Football attracts highly-qualified students

Since 3 years, Hassan Dayoub lives at Chemnitz and was current-ly awarded with the prize of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for outstanding performances

  • At least one time a week he plays soccer: Hassan Dayoub, who was awarded with the prize of the German Academic Exchange Service. Photo: Martin Blaschka

On Monday, 13th October 2014, it was happening: Hassan Dayoub was awarded with the recognized prize of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for his constantly outstanding performances during the last months and years. The prize endowed with 1.000 Euro stands for the mutual gain of experience and knowledge thanks to academic exchange programs. “It is a great honor for me that my work is considered as positive to that extent”, resumes the recent award winner who was nominated for this award by his professors at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. “I would like to make use of this moment to thank cordially all staff members and lecturers who assisted me at any time when I had questions.”

Dayoub originated from the Syrian port city Tartous where he did already his Bachelor degree in economics. Subsequently, the sport fan favorized Germany for completing his Master and for gaining experiences abroad. The decision, in which country he wanted to implement his project, was finally taken because of the great dedication of Dayoub to soccer: “Already since 15 years, I am a great fan of Bayern Munich and the German national soccer team. For this reason, I decided quite quickly that I wanted to go to Germany.” In addition, also other aspects – like his appreciation for the German language and that one of his relatives lives in Germany already since 30 years – influenced his decision process. Finally, Dayoub got a place for studies within the Master degree program Accounting & Corporate Management at Technische Universität Chemnitz but before he could begin this next stage of studies, he had to pass a German language course as requirement for beginning his studies. “This was important in order to prevent me from getting problems due to language proficiency during the subsequent daily routine of studies”, Dayoub says. He also achieved to overcome this challenge in a confident manner. “Currently, I work on my Master thesis dealing with product management and potential for optimization in a company in Chemnitz where I work part-time”, the student from Syria adds.

In addition to his studies and to his job, the 26-year-old passes his spare time by a variety of sport and social activities. “I have made quite quickly good friends here and I also understand very well with my fellow students”, Dayoub emphasizes. Also in this regard, he is dedicated to the “round leather” – at least one time a week he plays soccer. During the time when the sporty student is not kicking a football, he is active within the university sports at the “Center for Fitness and Health” three to four times a week. In addition, also at the “Club of Cultures”, Dayoub is a well-considered steady guest – not only for playing cards: “I got to know very many nice people of different nationalities with whom I became friends.” Together, for instance, the have visited already plenty of German cities like Leipzig, Dresden or – as a highlight for the long-lasting FC-Bayern-Fan – also Munich.

Asked for his most favorite characteristic of Germany, the Syrian states – in addition to soccer – German food. Especially roulades, asparagus and the traditional meals for Christmas he likes very much. On the other hand, Dayoub misses the directly bordering sea of his home city as well as his family and friends who he had to leave at Syria. “Especially with regard to the currently difficult situation in Syria, I try to keep in close contact and to constantly gather information concerning the actual situation in the country”, the student says. Nonetheless, Dayoub enjoys staying at Germany and therefore is not intending to leave the country in the near future: “Even after my Master-graduation I would like to stay for at least ten more years in Germany. My next overall objective is to do my PhD at TU Chemnitz.”

(Author: Martin Blaschka, Translation: Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht)

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