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On 13th October 2014, 53 students received the Germany Scholarship and used the opportunity to establish contacts to their sponsors

  • 53 scholarship holders receive the Germany Scholarship for the following year, and 27 sponsors make this support possible. Photo: Steve Conrad
  • Roland Pozniak, branch manager of Deutsche Kreditbank AG in Chemnitz, talked from the experience of his company, which is awarding with the Germany Scholarships Germany-wide. He also hopes to give the other company representatives an inspiration for collaboration with grantees. Photo: Steve Conrad
  • Jörg Waniek from the Vattenfall Europe Mining GmbH awarded scholarships to Pia Wölfl (right) and Anne Bischof, who hope to get a further insight into the practical working world in the company besides the theoretical training in the university. Photo: Steve Conrad
  • Alexander Klitzsch received a scholarship from the hands of Regina Vogl from the CVAG Chemnitzer Verkehrs AG. He wants to use a new company contact, among other things, to find a suitable topic for his Master’s thesis in the coming year. Photo: Steve Conrad
  • Elke Martin from the Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH – Motorenwerk Chemnitz and scholarship holder Alexander Hochmuth have already agreed to intensify their networking in the coming weeks during a get-to-know meeting in the company. Photo: Steve Conrad
  • Dr. Peter Seifert, the Chairman of the Society of Friends of TU Chemnitz, awarded eleven grants. Julian Egger came to study Media Communications in Chemnitz from Sauerland. Besides lectures, he attaches a great importance to get involved in the student body. Photo: Steve Conrad
  • Despite the increasing number of Germany scholarships that are issued at TU Chemnitz, the established funding rate is still far from having reached its maximum. In search of more sponsors, TU-Rector Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl sets a good example – he donates a private scholarship to Dorothee Janeck, who studies Psychology. Photo: Steve Conrad

On 13th October 2014 took place “a very special event“ as said by Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl, Rector of TU Chemnitz in the building of the Cluster of Excellence eniPROD. The program included a ceremony on the occasion of handover of a prize of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the university awards and handing over the Germany Scholarship. Thus, 53 students are now looking forward to a pledge of 300 euros per month granted for the next two semesters. The Germany Scholarship bears equally costs, half offered by the Federal Government and half that come from private sponsors. „This evening we have a great deal of money in our luggage“, summarized the Rector and warmly thanked all sponsors. There are currently 27 of them active for the Germany Scholarship at TU Chemnitz. „The Germany Scholarship shows a great interest of the economy and society in excellent professionals“, said Prof. van Zyl.

This was also confirmed by the talk of Roland Pozniak, manager of the branch of Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) in Chemnitz. According to the DKB, they have awarded students at 25 universities throughout Germany with the Germany Scholarships, and strive to „attract top-class talents to the company“, said Pozniak, adding: „Scholarships provide us with an access to the elite.“ Besides, one needs to hold students in the region, which is already succeeded for 2015: „Then, for the first time, we will be able to employ a scholarship recipient in Chemnitz“, said the speaker and stressed the importance of maintaining contacts with scholarship holders with the start of the granting period. For this purpose, DKB offers the ice-breaker days in the company, a solid person of contact and a lot of practical experience in the form of internships or part-time jobs for students.

Pia Wölfl also expects to gain an insight into the practical experience with a help of the scholarship. The student of the Bachelor program in Micromechanics/Mechatronics is supported by the Vattenfall Europe Mining GmbH. The company awards two scholarships in the second year at TU Chemnitz. „We offer our support at all institutions of higher education in the region of Saxony and Brandenburg, both with the Germany Scholarship and with the scholarships from the Stiftung Lausitzer Braunkohle“, said the company representative Jörg Waniek. He was delighted with the professional proximity of the two scholarship holders in Chemnitz, who are also very eager to know their sponsor. The second grant received Anne Bischof, who studies Master in Industrial Engineering, and has already acquired practical experience while working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU.

For the third year, the CVAG Chemnitz AG is engaged in the event of the Germany Scholarship. „Everyone is affected by the demographical changes“, said the company representative Regina Vogl. The CVAG Chemnitz AG wants to build new contacts with potential applicants through the help of the Germany Scholarship and lay a focus on the field of electrical engineering: „Our trams run on electricity“, said Vogl. Grant holder Alexander Klitzsch studies quite in line with his Master in Regenerative Power Engineering and is interested in the area of heavy current engineering. After graduation, he wants to stay in the region and is very happy about the greater financial leeway as well as the new contacts.

On completion of the event, Elke Martin from the Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH – Motorenwerk Chemnitz and the scholarship holder Alexander Hochmuth, who studies Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, used an opportunity to establish contact with each other. „We have already hired many trainees, and due to the Germany Scholarship we would be happy to win particularly good ones“, said Martin and pointed out that in the past, the Volkswagen Sachsen has already awarded scholarships at some other locations in Saxony, including Zwickau. Alexander Hochmuth works as a student trainee at the IAV GmbH in Chemnitz and, later on, would like to be professionally oriented in the automotive area. Owing to the received grant, Hochmuth hopes to build a financial base for a semester abroad during the following Master’s program.

Again this year, the Society of Friends of TU Chemnitz e.V. granted the most of the scholarships on that evening. Among the eleven grantees is Julian Egger, the Bachelor student of Media Communications. He was approached by a fellow student, who recommended Egger to apply for the scholarship based on his exceptional commitment to the student initiatives and bodies. Besides his participation in the work of the student Radio UNiCC, he was part of the managing team of the student elections and has recently been elected to the Student Council. Privately, the student who comes from Sauerland operates his own web radio. He wants to invest more time and continue this project in the future, and thanks to the Germany Scholarship he is no longer so dependent to work as a student assistant.

For all those who like to plan in advance: December 3rd, 2014 is the date for every scholarship holder and sponsor. On that day takes place the Courtyard Festival and the next Regulars’ Table of the Germany Scholarship located in the Weinhold-Bau, Reichenhainer Straße 70.

For further information regarding the Germany Scholarship at TU Chemnitz:

Contact: Heidrun Fischer, central contact for scholarship program, Phone +49 371 531-31679, Email

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(Author: Katharina Thehos, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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