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"I like Chemnitz. I believe this is a matter of thinking”

For a course of studies abroad Qian Sun came from China to the TU Chemnitz in 2002 - she stayed and founded the German-Chinese intermediary company "S. Glory"

  • At the moment Qian Sun has three regular customers in the area of manufacturing systems engineering and is trying to extend her network. Photo: Philip Knauth

For eleven years she has been living in Chemnitz. For a course of studies abroad she came to the Technische Universität Chemnitz. She didn`t speak German. She stayed and founded her own company "S. Glory". "Chemnitz has developed and modernized in the recent years. Now I don`t want to leave", says Qian Sun. The 32-year old is a graduate of the TU. She studied intercultural communication (ICC) and has a dream: A German-Chinese cultural exchange in Chemnitz.

"I wanted to study at the Faculty of Humanities"

Qian Sun`s academic path brought her to Chemnitz. She always wanted to study abroad in order to learn more about the world. While she was studying at the University of Sichuan in her hometown Chengdu she was able to establish contact to other international students at an English-speaking coffee house near her campus. In summer 2002 she stopped her law studies and with the support of a Chinese intermediary company finally arrived in Chemnitz. "When I arrived in Chemnitz I should study political science. I absolutely wanted to study at the Faculty of Humanities and not as most Chinese students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science", says Qian Sun. In 2003 she changed her course of studies and started to study intercultural communication and business studies after she became friends with two ICC students. "We cooked together and talked about the Chinese and German cultural differences. For example I had no idea of body language differences. Showing two fingers in Germany means also the number two, while in China it means the number eight”, explains Qian Sun. Until her graduation in 2009 she also spent one semester at the University of Fudan in Shanghai. Furthermore she did different placements in major German enterprises in the areas of project coordination and translation - in China as well as in Germany.

"In Germany I found my faith”

In fact she planed to go back to China after her graduation. But everything turned out differently. She strengthened her friendships, married and became a mother. "Meanwhile I really enjoy Chemnitz. I believe this is a matter of thinking”, says Qian Sun. Along with the decision to stay in Chemnitz the idea of self-employment came up. Qian Sun`s aim: cultural exchange between Germany and China. Currently she has specialized in consultation of small and middle enterprises, translation and the arrangement of business contacts. At the moment Qian Sun has three regular customers in the area of manufacturing systems engineering and is trying to extend her network. "I have more time to recruit new clients. Due to motherhood I`m able to work from home”, says Qian Sun. As next big step the Chinese wants to establish a cultural exchange program between German and Chinese music institutions as well as schools. The name of her company is "S. Glory”. Thereby the young Chinese expresses her boundary points to the Christian faith. In her free time she takes care of 30 Christian students of the Chemnitz Chinese Protestant Community. "Because I have found my faith here, I don`t regret the idea to come to Germany”.

"Chinese clients don`t know anything about Chemnitz. I would like to change this”

Especially the contact to humans - irrespective if they are Chinese or German - makes the work enjoyable. Nevertheless there are a couple of difficulties for Qian Sun. The time shift of her daily work is less problematic. But Qian Sun has to deal with cultural differences between her clients. "The pace of development in China is very fast. The Chinese want all their inquiries immediately answered. In Germany the people work more slowly. I have to transfer the time pressure from the Chinese to the German side”, says Qian Sun. In order to handle the pressure Qian Sun doesn`t work alone. She offers part time jobs for translation and consultation of her clients for Chinese students. That`s why she has more time to concentrate on her big aim: "Chemnitz has a good industry but Chinese customers are just interested in the engines. They don`t know anything about the town. I would like to change this.”

(Author: Victoria Graul, Translation: Jakob Landwehr)

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