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discover@home - Discover Chemnitz University of Technology from home!

Chemnitz University of Technology invites you to our Second Virtual Campus Days from 12 to 21 January 2021 - Prospective students can expect live chats, online consultations, info videos, virtual tours and much more

Online, visual and interactive - these are the second “Virtual TUCtage” or virtual campus days at Chemnitz University of Technology from 12 to 21 January 2021. High school students and Bachelor graduates are cordially invited. True to the motto "discover@home - Discover Chemnitz University of Technology from home!," 100 study programs, several student initiatives, and student life on campus and in the city are waiting to be discovered. On the website www.study-in-chemnitz.com and the university’s social media channels, an extended online program with video clips, consultation hours, presentations, and live chats is tailored especially to prospective students.

Event day on 14 January 2021 - All the answers about university

In addition, a special event day will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on 14 January 2021, the statewide Open University Day. On this day, the Central Student Advisory Service at Chemnitz University of Technology will answer questions about studying and enrollment on the phone, and student advisors will also be available via the Chemnitz University of Technology Instagram page, chat, and email (studienberatung@tu-chemnitz.de). If the desired study program is not presented within the informational program, subject study advisors are available for prospective students at specific times by individual arrangement.

Studi-Talk with students at Chemnitz University of Technology

Current Chemnitz students can also be met in online chats or in "Studi Talk,” where prospective students can receive authentic reports about life and studying at Chemnitz University of Technology. Several student initiatives will also present themselves on the net throughout the ten-day campaign period. Insights into online lectures, webinars, and research projects are also offered. Numerous videos also make it possible to explore Chemnitz as a place to study from the comfort of your own sofa. In addition, connections will be made to European Capital of Culture 2025, where future students are welcome to participate in the design.

The Virtual Campus Days program is available on the website www.study-in-chemnitz.com. There you will also find additional information about studying and beyond. The sections "Find Your Bearings and Make Your Choice," "Apply," "Get Started and Settle In," "Join In, Sign Up, and Learn for Life,” and "Take Your Next Steps" make it easy to navigate and find information.

In the university’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, you can also find a lot of information about the Virtual Campus Days under #TUCtag as well as #discover@home, and you can also exchange and network with other prospective students and students in Chemnitz University of Technology’s Facebook groups.

For more information, contact Dr. Maria Worf, head of the TU4U project, e-mail maria.worf@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de.

(Author: Mario Steinebach/Translation: Chelsea Burris)

Matthias Fejes

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