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Chemnitz Linux Days 2021: "Just do it differently.”

Submissions for one of the largest Linux and Open Source events in the German-speaking world will be taken until 10 January 2021

The Chemnitz Linux Days with the theme “Just do it!” should have already taken place this year at Chemnitz University of Technology. After they had to be canceled in March due to the Corona pandemic, the organization team unceremoniously placed the planning for 2021 under the motto "Just do it differently." Therefore, the Chemnitz Linux Days on 13 and 14 March 2021 will be held completely digitally. While lectures and workshops are to be held via video conference, a digital alternative is also planned for the Linux Live area to enable companies and community projects to present themselves.

The organizing team is focusing its program on the changes in many areas of life since the beginning of the pandemic. "Many processes of the living and working environment had to be and still have to be rethought," says Christina Lohr from Chemnitz Linux Days team: "Suddenly video conferences, chat systems, and new forms of collaboration are gaining immensely in importance. In many of these scenarios, the focus is on solutions that work with the Linux operating system and are freely available." The first virtual Chemnitz Linux Days in March will focus on the resulting experiences. Thus the organizers call for submissions, which are concerned content-wise with changes of past procedures, new forms of interaction, the employment of well-known tools for new purposes and from it following developments and/or advancements. "Submitted contributions are also welcome to address topics such as security, the Linux kernel, or legal issues," says Lohr.

Registrations for lectures and presentations for "Linux-Live" can be submitted via the event's website (German) until 10 January 2021, where additional information can also be found.

Background: Chemnitz Linux Days (CLT)

Chemnitz Linux Days have been in existence since 1999, and until 2019 they took place every year in March in the auditorium building at Chemnitz University of Technology. The first event started with 24 lectures. With well over 3,000 visitors, about 90 lectures, an extensive workshop program, a packed foyer with exhibitors of projects and companies in the Linux Live area, and the CLTJunior program, the event has firmly established itself as one of the largest of its kind in the German-speaking world. After the compulsory break in 2020, it will be held digitally for the first time in 2021.

(Author: Antje Schreiber / Mario Steinebach, Translation: Chelsea Burris)


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