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Student survey: TUCpanel 2020 has started

The student survey TUCpanel  is starting its next round on 27 April 2020. Despite the ongoing corona crisis and the unusual start to the semester, the focus is now back on study conditions and student satisfaction. Specifically, the focus is on teaching, examinations, and study organisation, but the survey also focuses on mobility and equal opportunities.

All students who are currently enrolled and were enrolled in the winter semester 2019/20 will receive an invitation to take part in the survey by e-mail to their university address. The survey can be completed in German or English. A video clip explains why it is so important to participate in the TUCpanel.

Changes thanks to "TUCpanel”

In 2019, TUCpanel was included for the first time in the test procedure for the annual study programme evaluation as part of the developed study success management system. All study commissions received an evaluation report for their study programme. The only prerequisite: sufficient participating students.

"Participation in the "TUCpanel" gives Chemnitz University of Technology an insight into the individual study situation and thus the opportunity for improvement,” emphasizes Prof. Eibl, Vice President for Academic and International Affairs.

Based on last year's evaluation, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, for example, is planning to further extend the examination phase in the future in order to reduce the pressure of examinations. In particular, the Faculty of Mathematics uses the open feedback from students in the further development of the study programmes. Due to the repeated requests of students to be able to use more learning rooms on campus, the establishment of the first common room in the Straße der Nationen was followed this year by a second on the Reichenhainer Straße campus. Participation is therefore worthwhile!

Background: TUCpanel

TUCpanel was approved by the Senate in January as the central monitoring instrument for Chemnitz University of Technology and collects data on the academic situation and satisfaction once a year during the summer semester. The repeated survey makes it possible to obtain anonymous information (german) on cohort and study progress.

The catalogue always contains a number of questions that are asked each year. These questions are relevant throughout the entire course of study and allow year-specific progress analyses to measure changes and success. This applies, for example, to topics such as the organisation of teaching and examinations or equipment features at Chemnitz University of Technology. In addition, different academic classifications receive questions related to the course of study. This includes, for example, questions about the choice of study programme at the beginning of the programme and questions about career prospects at the end of the programme.

The reports on the TUCpanel and further information on the survey are available online.

Further information is available from Anne Sanders, Phone +49 (0)371 531-38482, E-mail:

(Author: Matthias Fejes / Anne Sanders, Translation: Chelsea Burris)

Matthias Fejes

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