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Transition Bachelor - Master

Transition Bachelor - Master

The requirement for admission to a Master degree program is the proof of a successfully acquired first degree qualifying for a profession (e.g. Bachelor).

In some cases, it might happen that the certificate of the successfully acquired degree cannot be issued at the beginning of the term because the grades for the final thesis or the colloquium are still pending or the procedure of issuing the certificate has not been finished yet. In order to assure nonetheless a smooth transition to Master studies, there is the opportunity to make use of the so-called "limited enrolment" in a Master degree program. In this case, the enrolment takes place with a limitation until the end of the first semester. This means that in this case you are entitled to re-enroll in the second term of the Master degree program under the condition that you have submitted the certificate of successfully acquired degree within a Bachelor degree program until the end of the first term of the Master degree program. If you have not submitted this certificate within the first term of the Master degree program, you will be de-enrolled and lose your status as member of TU Chemnitz.
Thus, you should only make use of this opportunity in case that you are sure to be able to submit the certificate of successfully acquired Bachelor degree in due time.

Please pay attention to the following:
By the time of enrolment in a Master degree program you are not enrolled in the Bachelor degree program anymore. In consequence, you are not entitled to register for examinations within the Bachelor degree program anymore. You may only take those examinations for which you had previously registered. For this reason, you should register for a defense/colloquium (when required) at the same time with the registration for your final thesis.

Application procedure
At first, applicants have to apply online. Students of TU Chemnitz need to apply out of the SBservice via the quicklink “Applications for courses of study”.

If you would like to apply for admission-restricted Master degree programs, please submit a proof (confirmation of the Examination Office obligatory!) of award of at least 80% of the credit points within the precedent degree program and of an average grade deriving thereof. Please also use the form Certificate on the provisional average grade

If you have not yet received your Bachelor certificate, an application form for limited enrolment in a Master degree program may additionally be submitted. Please only submit this form after having received your offer for admission and having finished the enrolment online. Please also fill in the enrolment form and further documents that are indicated on the form and send them to the Student Service.

Applicants for non-admission-restricted Master degree programs at TU Chemnitz are asked to pay attention to the additional fact that
the processing of your application requires your prior re-enrolment in your Bachelor degree program. By implementation of the limited enrolment your semester contribution will be transferred to the Master.