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Foreign Language Centre

Conversation Course

Conversation Course Summer Semester 2023


War, inflation, poverty, a pandemic, an energy crisis...world events are enough to leave us speechless...Let's change that! Join me for critical discussions of current events, scientific developments or political crises. We'll find the words to express our concern, outrage and despair, and find logical, well-founded arguments to counter conspiracy theories and fake news. I'd like you to have your say.

Course Facilitator: Caroline Laxon, M. Sc., DipRSA

Objectives and Content

Please join me for a morning of free discussion, interesting conversation, the opportunity to select your own topics and to ask questions about the language that you have always wanted to ask!

The Foreign Language Centre offers a wide range of examination courses which are compulsory for many students and thus have limited flexibility regarding objectives and content. Our conversation course is different! It’s a space to feel free to raise your own questions, put forward your own topics, and receive help in expressing your personal opinions on those issues. You’ll have the opportunity to speak freely, gain confidence and practise without concern about following a syllabus or earning a grade at the end. It’s the ideal place to practise speaking and listening, whether or not you’re taking examinations or assessments on other courses. Let’s just talk!

Time and Place

Fridays, 9:15 to 10:45

Foreign Language Center, Weinholdbau C25.U81 (2/WK 81)


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The Conversation Course was a great opportunity for me to apply my grammar and listening skills from the other courses and get speaking practice. We as the participants were able to bring our own ideas into the course and got to decide on which topics we would like to share our points of view. The course instructor was very well prepared and offered suitable material to find a starting point for an often lively and emotional discussion. In having people from different cultural and also language learning backgrounds in the room, you had to use your discussion skills to find common ground while being polite and taking turns. I can really recommend this course to everyone who wishes to further their English speaking skills aside from the topics typically covered in the other courses and who wants to take a look beyond the horizon of English in academia.

Course participant (winter term 22/23)


Portrait: Caroline Laxon, M. Sc., DipRSA
Caroline Laxon, M. Sc., DipRSA
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