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Analysis of Solid Surfaces,
Nanostructures and Quantum Materials


Prof. Dr. Christoph Tegenkamp

  Tel.: +49 371 531-33103
  Fax: +49 371 531-833103



Johanna Hübner

  Tel.: +49 371 531-39901
  Fax: +49 371 531-839901


Visitors Address:
  Reichenhainer Strasse 70
  Zimmer P179
  09126 Chemnitz
Mailing Address:
  TU Chemnitz
  Institut für Physik
  Professur Analytik an Festkörperoberflächen
  09107 Chemnitz

Our latest publications

Quantum Confinement in Epitaxial Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons on SiC Sidewalls
T. T. N.Nguyen, Stephen R. Power, Hrag Karakachian, Ulrich Starke, and Christoph Tegenkamp
ACS Nano, 17, 20345 (2023)
Domain Boundary Formation Within an Intercalated Pb Monolayer Featuring Charge-Neutral Epitaxial Graphene
P. Schädlich, C. Ghosal, et al.
Advanced Materials Interfaces 10, 2300471 (2023)
Spin Polarization of Polyalanine Molecules in 2D and Dimer-Row Assemblies Adsorbed on Magnetic Substrates: The Role of Coupling, Chirality, and Coordination
T.N.H. Nguyen, Y. Paltiel, L.T. Baczewski, C. Tegenkamp
ACS Applied Materials and Intefaces 15, 17406 (2023)