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Comparative European Governance Systems


Semester timetable of the faculty of humanities


Teaching at the Chair for Comparative European Governance Systems introduces you to the systematic comparison of governance systems, especially in relation to the structure and the mechanisms of governance systems with an emphasis on Europe, including international comparative perspectives.

During the initial study phase the introductory courses give you an understanding of fundamental concepts, central topics and research issues in relation to comparative governance systems.  Advanced studies build on this knowledge and focus on selected current issues in comparative governance. Lectures and seminars in English offer a global perspective on specific challenges in the European context.

We highly recommend that B.A. students comply with the scheduled courses provided in the plan of studies, particularly during their initial semesters:

  • 1st semester: tutorial “Introduction to Comparative Governance Systems”
  • 2nd semester: seminar “Introduction to Comparative Governance Systems”
  • 3th semester: seminar “General Research Issues of Comparative Governance Systems”
  • 4th semester: lecture “General Research Issues of Comparative Governance Systems”
  • Higher semester: free choice of courses based on individual research interests and subject to course availability

The following courses for the first to fourth semester are obligatory for B.A. students and establish the modules BM-ER1 and BM-ER2. These courses cannot be substituted by other alternatives!

A deviating sequence of courses is principally possible but not recommended, since all courses are coordinated and interlinked with other modules. Moreover, prior knowledge of research methods and learning content may be required as a prerequisite.

Please note that not all courses are available in each semester!


B.A. programme Comparative European Governance Systems:

BM-ER1, Tutorial: only WS (6 ECTS)

BM-ER1, Seminar: only SS (6 ECTS)

VM-ER2, Lecture: only SS (6 ECTS)

VM-ER2, Lecture: only WS (6 ECTS)

VM-ER2, Seminar: only WS (6 ECTS)

VM-ER3, Lecture: only WS (6 ECTS)

VM-ER3, Seminar: SS and WS (6 ECTS)

M.A. programme Comparative European Governance Systems:

MPBM4, Lecture: only in WS (5 ECTS)

MPBM4, Seminar: SS and WS (5 ECTS)

MPVM4, Seminar 1: SS and WS (6 ECTS)

MPVM4, Seminar 2: SS and WS (6 ECTS)

MPVM4, Research colloquium: only in SS