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Professur Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel
Professur Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel

Ana Troncoso

1999 - 2004

Master in Journalism and Social Communication at the Universidad Austral de Chile
2005 - 2008 Student Exchange at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
09/10 - 09/12 Master in Cultural anthropology / European Ethnology at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 
2013 - 2019 Ethnographic doctoral research 

Gender constructions and film representations in Spain today


In this seminar, gender approaches will be applied to current debates about gender roles, new family constellations and sexual minorities in Spain. In doing so, the focus will lay on film representations of social change with its inherent tensions after Franco’s dictatorship. With the cultural studies discussion about gender or identity/otherness, the seminar offers to the students an introduction to methods of film analysis as the film texts will be considered in its formal, narrative and aesthetic elements.


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„German Jews in Chile: Citizenship in the Context of Historical Entanglements and Racism Formations“. A film project.

Ana Troncoso analyses the transfer processes and entanglements of racisms and state repression, both of european and local origin on the citizenship processes of German Jews in Chile. As a consequence of the Holocaust, many German Jews emigrated to Chile, where since the mid-19th century an important German community had already settled and that largely at this time identified with Germany and the National Socialism. The establishment of the German Jewish community in the new context and the different societal positions of German Jews and their descendants to the Chilean social and political circumstances will be understood as strategies of citizenship processes and analyzed in relation to the structural conditions of these processes in Germany and Chile. 
The film project is situated in postcolonial and memory studies.

  • Race and postcolonial theory

  • Gender studies

  • Critical migration studies

  • Film and autobiography

  • Entanglements in Latin American/European history of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries