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Professur Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel
Professur Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel

Prof. Dr. Teresa Pinheiro

Prof. Dr. Teresa Pinheiro


Thüringer Weg 9, Zimmer 304
Tel.: 0371/531-35014
Fax: 0371/531-835014
E-mail:  teresa.pinheiro@...


Short biography

1990-1994 University Lisbon / University Cologne: German and Portuguese Studies
1994-1998 University Bayreuth: assistant lecturer Portuguese
1998-2001 PhD grant-DFG-Graduate School "Travel Literature and Cultural Anthropology"
2002 University Paderborn: PhD in Cultural Anthropology (summa cum laude)
2003 Georg-Rudolf-Lind Award for PhD
2004-2011 Technische Universität Chemnitz: holder of Junior Professorship "Cultural and Social Change"
since 2011 Holder of the Chair "Cultural and Social Change"

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