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Work Visit Ramallah

TEFL-ePAL Work Visit Ramallah (July 2019)

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The one week work visit to Ramallah serves two main purposes (i) to finalize the needs analysis report and to formulate the roadmap for the development of materials to be used at the participating HEIs in Palestine; and (ii) to provide the European partners with first hand experience of the the situation at Palestinian HEIs, to meet teachers and students.


Day Activities Person in Charge Output


12th. July



13th. July

Welcoming and Observation Visits to 2 HEIs In Bethlehem Eng. Mohammed Fahel EU partners Observation report


14th. July

Palestinian Universities Status Gap Analysis and Benchmarking

Create Guidelines For developing and upgrading Curricula courses (1)

Visit to Aran American University

PITMAN All partners

Guidelines for the  training materials

Observation report


15th. July

Create Guidelines For developing and upgrading Curricula courses (2)

Approve upgrading universities facilities including the platform and ICT tools to establish LCs

Approve the Evaluation tools for progress

PITMAN All partners

Guidelines for the curricula course

List of ICT tools to  establish labs and develop the  platform


16th. July

Dissemination Workshop    


17th. July

Conclusions, Closing the event

Scheduling next tasks & visits and Management Meetings

All partners

Work plan for WP 2

Schedule for all training

Management meeting report

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