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Department Sports Equipment & Technology

Research at the department of Sports Equipment & Technology

The topics of fundamental and application-oriented research naturally arrange into the TU Chemnitz research priority “human factors in technology”. However, current trends in sports equipment and orthopaedics technology increasingly lead to topics that can be assigned to the field of “intelligent systems and materials”. We use the latest technologies and materials along with modern equipment to react to the increasing expectations and challenges in sports, prevention and rehabilitation, together with our partners from scientific and industrial fields. Therefore, an essential focal point of the research work at the department is the development of mechanical simulations of real motions and strains. In this way, the safety of sports equipment, as well as their compliance and functionality, can be examined. In order to design specific mechanical simulations and the respective test setups, the department develops measurement systems to analyse stresses and strains that ideally occur during real-life scenarios. The detailed knowledge about the requirements of equipment during use allows the sports equipment or orthopaedics technology to be optimally adjusted for the user.
We look forward to mastering these challenges in this exciting area of research quickly and successfully.

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