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Department Sports Equipment & Technology

Welcome to the department of Sports Equipment & Technology

Citius, Altius, Fortius - Faster, Higher, Stronger
Our aims are to promote human and technology interaction, especially in sports - no matter whether the focus is competitive, fitness, or health.
The department of Sports Equipment & Technology combines engineering and human scenarios to create solutions for technologies and technical structures interacting with the moving human. An interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, computer scientists and electronic experts are developing innovative solutions for complex challenges in design, development, manufacturing and testing of optimized equipment for sports and medical purposes. Results of these developments are integrated into our teaching so these skills and knowledge can be passed on to future generations of engineers.
I sincerely invite you to become acquainted with the professorship Sports Engineering, either through a personal visit or the information provided on this homepage.
Sporting Regards, Prof. Stephan Odenwald

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