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Professur Strömungsmechanik

Research Topics and Key Activities

  • Investigration of atomization process using Laser-Doppler-Anemometry (LDV), Phase-Doppler-Anemometry (PDA) and diffraction spectroscopy
  • Development and optimization of Nozzle Systemsn
  • Investigation of excitation characteristics of gas emitters in liquid jets
  • Effects of Marangoni Convection
  • Dynamics of Bubbles and Drops
  • Stability of Liquid Bridges
  • Effects of capillary pressure-driven Flow
  • Density determination of fluids
  • Determination of the flow and viscosity functions of newtonian und non-newtonian fluids
  • Determination of the time-dependent flow properties of non-newtonian fluids
  • Determination of surface and boundary layer tension of fluids
  • 3-D Temperature and Flow Rate Measurement by means of Liquid Crystal Technology (TLC)
  • Measurement of non-invasive coating thickness progression on substrates by means of laser induced fluorescence measurement (LIF)
  • Measurement of non-invasive 3-D temperature field in convection by means of laser induced fluorescence (LIF)
  • Numerical Investigation of Fluid Dynamics and Fluidic Problems by means of STAR-CCM+


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