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Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology
Ablating Technologies and Manufacturing Equipment

Teaching and research group – Ablating Technologies and Manufacturing Equipment

Portrait: André Martin
André Martin
Head of teaching and research group – Ablating Technologies and Manufacturing Equipment (AVF)

Research Interests

Electrochemical Machining (ECM)

  • Microstructuring of metal components with closed electrolyte jet (Jet-ECM) or pulsed ECM (PECM)
  • Enables machining via turning, drilling, grinding, and cutting
  • Generation of functional surfaces to optimize the properties for friction and heat transfer as well as for the application of microfluids
  • Application of the CAD-CAM software, developed at TU Chemnitz

Micro-Electrical Discharge Erosion (Micro-EDM)

  • Abrasion via very short electric impulses
  • High-precision machining, regardless of strength and toughness of the component material
  • Allows for the manufacturing of very deep microstructures with complex geometries, e.g. drills with undercuts, nozzle geometries, etc.
  • Diameter starting at about 50µm, aspect ratio 20 and more
  • Additional optimization of the process via superimposement of vibrations with low-frequency or ultrasound
  • Machining of electric nonconductive ceramics possible due to special techniques

Laser Beam Machining (LBM)

  • High-precise manufacturing of surface structures via laser abrasion
  • Laser drilling, cutting, trimming, and surface hardening
  • Extended machining diversity due to the process combination of laser and chipping
  • Allows for the Machining of different materials at a speed of up to 2.0 m/s

Plasma Electrolytic Polishing (PeP)

  • Polishing of planar and complex shaped surfaces of electrically conductive components
  • High dimensional accuracy due to low volume removal
  • Global polishing by immersion process
  • Local polishing in the free jet process (Jet-PeP) with adjustable roughness and reduced electrical power consumption
Mikroskopaufnahmen von PeP-bearbeiteten Oberflächen
Mikroskopaufnahmen von Jet-PeP-bearbeiteten Oberflächen