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Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology
Surface Design and Multiphysics Simulation

Teaching and research group – Surface Design and Multiphysics Simulation

Portrait: Ingo Schaarschmidt
Ingo Schaarschmidt
Head of teaching and research group – Surface Design and Multiphysics Simulation (OMS)

Research Interests

Multiphysics Simulation of Surface Functions and Micromanufacturing Processes

  • Execution of multiphysics simulations for the specific design of functionally structured surfaces
  • Modeling and numerical simulation of processes in the field of micromanufacturing technologies (ablative and force-bound processes, hybrid manufacturing processes)
  • Observation of coupled physical phenomena, e.g. in the field of electrodynamics, electrochemistry, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and structural mechanics

Manufacturing of Functionally Microstructured Surfaces

  • Technological realization of functionally microstructured surfaces
  • Application of precision manufacturing processes for the manufacturing of microstructures
  • Process analysis and design

Surface Analysis and Characterization

  • Geometric surface analysis and chemical material characterization
  • Development and evaluation of surface parameters
  • Construction and installation of test facilities
  • Experimental characterization of modified surfaces

Fuel Cells

  • Development of strategies for functionally appropriate temperature control
  • Simulation-based design and modification of heat transfer surfaces
  • Experimental in-situ characterization of thermal conditions