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Professorship of Conveying Engineering and Materials Handling
Services and support

Services and support

Further training in the field of textile machine elements
  • Braiding and tape weaving technologies
  • Fibre ropes made of high performance fibres
  • Dimensioning of synthetic fibre ropes
  • Coating of textile structures
  • Testing of textile machine elements
  • Analysis of damage patterns and derivation of design changes
Preparation of analyses
  • State of the art
  • Manufacturing process and properties of textile machine elements
  • Traction capacity of synthetic fibre ropes
Product development and test production
  • Coating of fibre ropes incl. parameter analysis
  • Manufacture of woven fabrics and braids
Tests and application-oriented tests
  • Strength parameters
  • Visco-elastic deformation behaviour
  • Bending behavior
  • Creep behaviour
  • Winding behaviour
  • Abrasion behaviour

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